The Best Erotic Stories.

Rosepetals Dipped in Wine...
by IndyOne

Roses are red...
but sometimes puce...
I don't let you sleep...
Can you take this abuse???

I can take the abuse
I can do it with ease
After all, who else do I know
That loves to lick knees

Your knees...Oh baby
What a good starting place
And think of the fun
As I move up toward your face

From the south to the north
From the west to the east
Come hungry my darling
Enjoy your feast

North I move,
Without any fear
*Sheesh* - is it getting hot,
I might need a beer!

I'll buy you a twelve pack
Your choice of beer
I'll do it right now
If it would get you here...."S"

You know I would be there,
If I could...
Except the example we would set,
Would not be good...*wg*

Licking knees
Scratching backs
Caresses up and down thighs
Soft moans and sweet sighs
Mixed with CNN live
Takes me back to that weekend
I wish didn't stop
But are you really sure I did, "ok" on top?

On top you were splendid,
You were just great...
Let's do that again soon,
I just can't wait...

Still on top, you move up,
And straddle my face...
My tongue begins searching,
For just the right place...

When my tongue finds your heat,
You begin to moan...
I would have done this sooner,
If I had only known...

This pleasure is something,
Truly divine...
The scent - The flavor,
Rosepetals dipped in wine...

Your screams of ecstasy,
Fill my ears...
I can feel you tense,
As your climax nears...

Holding your hips,
Pulling you to my mouth...
You're moving very fast now,
North and south...

Cries of pure joy,
Escape your lips...
As faster and faster,
You move your hips...

You're ready now,
I can feel you start...
Pulling you, to me harder,
I can feel your legs part...

Now DOWN I pull you,
Onto my cock...
My desire for you...Ahhhh
It's hard as a rock...

We both cum together,
Holding so tight...
Pushing closer together,
With all of our might...

We match up so well,
We fit like a glove...
And we know for sure,
We are truly in love...

When my passion for you,
Sometimes brings tears...
Just remember my darling,
I do it with mirrors...


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