The Best Erotic Stories.

Runaway Horses
by Rapunzel

I have spent my nights dreaming of you
My wetness falling like the early morning dew
I imagine your hardness pressed against my skin
Finally I feel original sin
As I draw into your embrace
I feel your lips caress my face
My cheeks burn with desire
Your passion ignites in my soul a raging fire
Your hands start to explore my body: searching, teasing, dwelling
My body softly cries out your name and I feel your intensity swelling
Sweet tears fall and glide down my face
Yet you continue to search for that hidden place
Aching and longing I succumb to your power
Ready for your entrance; my body a flower
Blossoming and blooming and wanting to be fed
The all consuming hunger is to much to bare
Shall I take control, or do I dare?
Rhythmic pulsing and breathing show my consent
As you enter my body without relent
I see the delight in your eyes
Now is my chance, fate I can not deny
I whisper, "wait, my love"
Do not take flight with the dove
I push back your hands behind your head
"Now its your turn to be led"
Slowly the power you once held begins to fade
Giving into to a force you can not evade
The air cool around my hot body makes my skin whimper with delight
I gently lower myself onto your ready body, not wanting to fight
My own power to much to handle, I release the animal at rest
Wanting your touch, taste, your lips upon my breast
Harder and harder your drive penetrates
Our bodies shiver as the tension elevates
Sinking into a rhythm that will not relax
Feeling the synchronized climax
Breathing recklessly and feeling your warmth inside
Like a runaway horse come to a cliff, our bodies no longer collide
We are one, in body, in heart, and in soul


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