The Best Erotic Stories.

by Samiel Dracul

You enter my room, and see the candles lit.
darkness around you, with jack-o-lanterns watching.
Soft, black aria music in the background, helping to candlelight dance the dance of burning desire.

In the center of this, lies the black silk covered bed, with me sitting up on it, sipping my goblet.

You notice the bottle near me, you see the sinful smile I wear.
I pour you some wine, and hold it out to you.
As you sit down beside me, I run my hands through you hair, lick your lips, purring.

The candlelit pumpkin grins can only imagine the pleasure I feel, the candle dancing for us both.
I sip my wine, as you sip yours, and I think your aware of my intentions.
I pour the sweet wine, from my mouth, to yours, with a slow, probing kiss.

Now you drink of my lust, and I'll soon drink of your blood, and the rhythm of your heart is like a drum.
For I lick your soft neck, while my hands do caress you, the aroma of your perfume has me intoxicated with need, the need to taste you, all of you.

As I flick my tongue across your neck, my hands slowly remove your clothing, and your warm, naked form is before me.
I flicker my tongue past your neck down to your bosom, and pour my wine all over you.
You become my meal, and don't seem to complain, as my mouth and hands caress your warm flesh, I feel your yearning, your need.

The pumpkins glowing grins, slowly fade from your view, as I stand before you now, and remove my black, silk kimono.
I let you sit on me, as I feel how warm, how wet, your passion is.
The clashing symbols, the beating drums, the black, dark music giving us our rhythm.

I claw your back with my ring, you feel the cold steel run across your back, as my other hand grabs your hair.
I run my fangs across your neck, slowly, softly.
Do you like the pain? the soft scratch across your neck, as I am buried deep within your well, your dripping with sin, and I love it.
Your moaning matching my purrs, our rhythm increasing as I slowly sink the tips of my fangs, into your warm, soft neck.

The blood I now drink as I suckle your neck, is sweet, like the wine I drink, and the shock of my action, makes your grab onto my head, but it only drives me to plunge deeper into you.

I drink all I can, as your body slams down on me, and I feel you tighten, I flick my tongue over your mouth, I now feel your body shaking.
I release myself inside you, my river mixes well with your lake, as I hold you close and suck on your tongue.
I'll hold you in my arms tonight, as the candles begin to fade.

The darkness you saw now wraps us in it's blanket, and you lay down on my bed, my arms wrap around you. As your vision fades and you slumber, do you dream of me? For when you wake, I am not there, and your in your own bed.

Did you dream all of this in your head, my love? Or did I seduce you last night?
I'll be waiting for you, stop in anytime, and I'll be your fantasy.
I'll be your Sangria, your blood wine.


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