The Best Erotic Stories.

by poetryLady

Closing the door behind me I turn to face him.
He takes me in his arms.
The feel of his touch on my skin ignites a fire within.
Looking into each other's eyes we never release our gaze,
we remove each other's clothes.
Standing before him in nothing but a black lace choker he surprises me.
He lifts me and carries me to the bedroom.
Setting me on the bed he lays down next to me.
My body he ravishes with heart kisses.
Not missing a single inch, his lips caress all of me.
The room hangs heavy with passion.
Desires burn red hot, my breath quickens.
His mouth moves to my breasts.
My eyes close as he devours, sucks, licks and nibbles.
Lightly he bites my nipples.
While kissing me he moves his hand down my stomach to my thighs.
My legs he guides to part.
Gently I feel a finger enter and begin exploring.
In and out, one then two, a sigh escapes.
Soon I'm moaning.
The desire is too hard to control.
He positions himself over me and enters, gentle and slow.
His rhythm quickens, my hands wander, wanting to touch every inch.
While I take in all of him he caresses my tits.
Plunging deeper I gasp.
Back arching, head back, eyes closed,
my tongue runs over my lips.
Harder, longer, deeper, more.
He fucks me as no man has ever before.
I feel ecstasy approaching.
Then I hear the door.
My roommate enters the room, but we cannot stop.
She just watches at first, as if in shock.
Watches him ram me, fuck me.
Touches herself as I scream.
Looking at her I know what she wants.
We will give him every mans dream.
She undresses and joins us on the bed.
He stops, we guide him onto his back.
I kiss him while she licks, nibbles, sucks.
My hands all over his body, watching her suck his cock.
A fire of desire fills me.
Unbelievable hot and wet I lose all control.
I want to try it all.
She climbs on his cock, I on his face.
He fucks her pussy while eating mine.
We look at each other; passion burns bright in our eyes.
She touches my breasts, twirling my nipples.
The excitement it sends through me is a surprise.
I touch her, then we're kissing while being fucked.
She screams as she cums.
I then lay down on the bed; he enters me.
A hard, fast rhythm he finds.
Then, I feel her touch again.
Suddenly her lips touch mine.
Our tongues intertwine.
He fucks me hard and fast until I cum.
Then I lay across the bed, still wanting everything.
My head hanging over the side, I take his cock in my mouth.
Then my clit she begins to tease and suck.
Licking, nibbling, eating we go on for hours.
Unable to control my desires.
She lies down, deep throats him.
As I eat her until she screams.
For hours all we see is flesh.
Our bodies intertwined, unable to see where we begin and end.
Ecstasy we aim to find.
Touching, licking
Sucking, moaning
It seems never ending.
We fall on the bed, exhausted and floating from ecstasy.
She gets up, dresses and leaves.
Again, it is just him and me.
As sleep takes over my body,
I think this again I'd like to try.
The pleasure, excitement, and wanting,
It is all a nice surprise.


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