The Best Erotic Stories.

Storm Chaser
by Intoxyc8me

The winds are blowing high,
sending chills up and down my spine.
Raging fires burning from within.
Awaiting your tender touch
and light feather kisses
trailing up and down my skin.

Your tongue wrapped around mine
as I hold your hard, throbbing shaft.
Souls flying as high as the winds in the sky,
lifting us higher.

Thunder clapping
as we erupt in our own passion.
Thoughts reeling and spinning out of control,
knowing that it is you I only want to hold.

Quaking with desire, for you are the only one
that can quench this fire.
Winds blowing higher
as together we become one.

Clinging to one another
as the earth moves around us
Fingers entwined, legs wrapped around you
pulling you deeper as the rain pounds to the ground.
The only sound we hear is the beating of our own hearts.
And the cries that we share when we explode,
becoming one.

The wind outside is dying as the heavy breathing of our souls
begin to climb ... once more

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