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Seducing His Woman
by Solar Dragon

He lived to seduce the lovely lady.
Running caring and needful hands over her beauty.
Stroking and caressing very familiar and similar nipples to ones he lived
off of as a child.
From carnal mind to spirited heart she could feel his attempt to consume
She knew he wanted to take her to the place that blows her mind and fires
her Soul and body.
He whispered in her ear many times to convey his love and lust to this
perfect woman.
His seduction grows stronger as she begins to understand the one obsessed
with sex and Soul.
No one has touched her like him before.
He reaches down in so many ways and makes her rain.
With him she begins to feel she is the most sexual and fertile young lady in
the heavens.
With him she begins to believe she has mythical beauty.
She becomes the nymph from his stories.
Only he and the women in her knew why this was inevitable.
With him she shined like the sun every morning.
She rapped herself in the hottest of bodies every night,
he was like fever this one is so many ways.
In her reach was flesh that made her mouth water in a way not to dissimilar
to hunger.
With him she could keep herself fed with animal strength that she saw as her


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