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Sexxx in the Time of the Soul
by Solar Dragon

In the time of the Soul sex is a gateway to want beyond flesh.
Joining opens up another to possibilities maybe never spoken of but always
Reach down deep and what is felt is a heart of fire conjured by passion.
Warm your hands lady with the spirit of the man you make love to.
Feel his lust as you would feel the magic of your deepest belief.
Take the sex from any realm you might have known it.....
give it to the one who will destroy its cliché.
Bring your desire to the place you know it belonged.
Freedom was yours for a moment a long time ago.....
remember......the joy of many cumming together.
Pleasure of the flesh will never be felt with risk.....
because risk never existed in this time.....only freedom in what was sought
through sex.
Look deep into the eyes of the beast that does you....eyes are the windows
to the Soul.
Bring them all back home lady,
tell them what you found in his eyes.
Tell them the meaning of why the beast lust.


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