The Best Erotic Stories.

Sensual Mind Connection (21/6/2000)
by Andie

In the morning sunlight,          i
with the sunrays reflecting
off the white bedroom walls.
the beam of sunlight strikes
you standing there in that
white pure silk nightie, showing
off the best aspects of your figure,
with also the beam slicing pass
your now hardened nipples , from
the cold morning air.

Then ever gently my thought          ii
hits your mind, of which you
remove the nightie with sensual
movements, knowing my eyes
don't stray away from your
lovely hard nipples , sticking
out the nightie, the once its
remove , your one hand
wanders to breasts, while
the other wanders down
slowly to your shaven bush ,
then your finger ever so
gently brushes pass your
clit, which has a reaction
on your face, but I still
keep focus on the movement
of your fingers.

As your fingers get closer to          iii
your nether lips, you the
stop at the moment, just
before you get there, since
you sense the presence of
my two fingers in your bush
and my thumb ever so gently
rubbing your clit, of which
you start making cooing like

Then as the moment of your          iv
'little death' , then do our minds
connect, thus releasing a
simultaneous enjoyment
sensations in our minds
and bodies.


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