The Best Erotic Stories.

by WriterDom

circle of pleasure
endless loop of sensation
mind split between ecstasy
of simultaneous sharing

her mouth encircles
slides like a wet sheath
a swirl of tongue
hot breath exhaled

an earthy garden of musk
endless river of woman
tongue lunges deep
lost in sensual bliss

moans amplified
a vibration through
his intimate longing
silky hair brushes thighs

her pleasure point
throbs against lashing
of pointed sultry tongue
kneaded cheeks quiver

rise and fall
of famished lust
a twitch, a swelling
climax hangs on edge

a fast flicker
of resilient tongue
two fingers contracted
a squeeze and release

moans cross in midair
her pleasure unwinds
as his need splashes
a unity of blissfulness


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