The Best Erotic Stories.

Silver Nipple Ring
by Carvaleo

David's gaze revealed his wish, his
urging touch upon my neck
brought me to his waiting mouth.
He found my tongue, drank my breath,
wrapped me in shrouded helplessness.

Pressed beneath his delectable chest
my pulse arose to dance with his
all my rationalization left.
His scorching lips explored my skin
tasting, biting, sucking--stop.

Catching my lobe between his teeth
his baritone electrified
he slipped a hand between my thighs
and made me groan and slide beneath
the pressure of his fingertips.

Pinning my wrists to the featherbed
he parted my legs, lowered his head,
licked me slow and so expertly
a shuddering wave locked me in
a vice of excruciating ecstasy.

Sipping ambrosia from Romeo's cleft
I took the things that hid him from
my craving kiss and probing tongue.
I caught my breath when my searching lips met his silver nipple ring.
Caressing husky muscled thighs I
couldn't stop, I finally grasped
his hot and silky, sexy shaft.
I lowered my head, pinned down his legs and licked him slow like he had
The gentle pressure of my lips,
the rhythm of my fingertips,
the moans I couldn't quite contain,
made my lover grind and rise then
gasp with pleasure as he came.

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