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Shots of Tequila, and Slices of Apples
by J Monty

my fingers nimbly hold the fruit
I dip it within you, gaining your
sugary sweetness.
To my lips I raise the slice of fruit,
carrying you.
I lick first, then take it all in...

you douse me with liquor
tilt your head back
licking first, then you do your shot!
Sending chills up my spine...

another piece of fruit, now inside
your sweet spot, twisting and turning
making love to your silk.
Once again I remove it,
and bring the fruit to my lips, licking first
then taking it all in...

again my skin holds your liquor
you lick twice this time
and do your body shot.
My skin is on fire with passion, my head spins
as you suck, and lick, getting every drop of sweet

another piece, another shot
my fruit makes love to you.
Your liquor sends my head spinning
as you drink every shot down...

One last piece deep inside,
your silk breaks over it, as you
slide and moan
the apple glistens with you.
I lick and suck and take you complete...

the final shot, after your breath is caught.
You say, "Last Call!"
as you prepare your shot of tequila
you lick and shoot, like before
the heat of your mouth and liquor,
and I am drunk
as you suck, and lick
your tequila and juice.


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