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Sad Place
by Basforte

Shazaam! Splaat! superman, city slickers
Teenage girls with no knickers
Stanley blade, shoe shuffling
Teenage brothers
Hurried, harried
By a corps of scuffers

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers
Beset, besieged, by massage parlours
Hating the rich mans sign
fritter their money away
Tramps and vagabonds
Thumb their noses
At brand new paint on brand new houses
Each one owned by imported scousers
Well on their way
To becoming lord mayor

Ice cream vans go
Clunk' ding'a'ling
As they sell their putrescence
To our darlings
Which poxes the spots
On their runny noses
And stills their cries for love
Imbibers bibe
And suckers suck
Their cunts and cocks
And run amok
While you and I,
In church are stuck
Confessing sins of past perjury

Cheap chocs, bribery
For our spouses
Question not their torn blouses
And we've been screwing
like shithouse louses
As our bodies waste away

Sad sperm, tough Dick, Blowsy senses
Knee trembling sessions on other peoples fences
Lost souls lost in granddad's trenches
Watch this world go by

See look at this sad world
Poor poor mad world
Comes the cry of mediocrity
And educated children
Sit life time wasting
Sipping superior cups of tea
Lost souls lost in granddad's trenches
Cry down the rain
On our immorality.

Ed forte1999 copyright

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