The Best Erotic Stories.

Sarah's Room
by James Cody

Jostling with fantasies and dreams;
I see her silhouette
Dancing on silk screens.
In the shadows,
Stand at the foot
Of Sarah's bed.
The room is cold,
A place from
Happiness has fled.

Once, her
Body was warm;
I would kiss
Her face and surrender
To her embrace.

When I held her
In my arms,
Entering her deeply,
She would whisper my name,
Owning me in secrecy.
The shroud of pleasure,
Keeping darkness at bay.
But in the end, fate
Would have its way.

In Sarah's room,
My shadow
Joins hers on the
Wall, while
I lay on the bed,
And release the last
I have to shed.

In Sarah's room,
I'm naked,
Ready for the fall,
I see her, invisible
Against the wall.
I hold out my hand,
But there's nothing
Where I stand

I am alone in Sarah's room.


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