The Best Erotic Stories.

Sweet Slumber
by Silkyheat

Come to me as I breathe your name
unfurl your soul and fly this way

Watch my passion light up the sky
and guide you to my side this night

Touch my eyes, softly closed in sleep
the heart in my breast that's yours to keep

Kiss my lips and hear the words
the desire for you from which I burn

Glide deeply into my dreaming mind
as you curl around me from behind

Loose your hands to cup and caress
hard, sweet diamonds in softer flesh

Feel me stir as dreams match emotion
blending fact and fiction into the sweetest potion

Turn my sleeping form within your embrace
so you can watch the pleasure dance on my face

Your hand slipping down to claim moist heat
hear my breath quicken, my faster heartbeat

Fingers softly opening the protective folds
that hides the treasure you love more than gold

No fool's gold, this; a worthless, glittering shine
but an endless keepsake to discover anew each time

Slipping your fingers inside; softest silky heat
a jolt of electricity, strong and fleet

Close your eyes as you hear me moan
tingles touching your spine and traveling home

Feel the blood swell in us both as one
mine with a pulse, yours with a hum

Replace your fingers, now using your face
dipping in for a lingering taste

Then you enter slowly, my jeweled cave
not slow enough, I am now awake

My startled eyes of emerald-green hue
stare in shock and fear upon you

You pull me close and kiss me hard
and I realize you're the one that owns my heart

My tension of fear is replaced by greed
now that you're here to fill my need

I kiss you back and draw you deeper in
my arms and legs, trapping you like sin

Moving inside me so sweet and so slow
pulling back so your face I may know

You look at me as our passions rise
and tell me to look at the love in your eyes

I look, but then I'm instantly lost
I know I want you, no matter the cost

We fly away from all earthly bounds
falling gently on a descending cloud

Back into slumber I willingly go
wearing the sparkle of our love's glow

Awakening later to a morning sun's beam
I smile thinking, wow, what a dream

As I begin to rise to start my day
I see you tangled in my sheets, sleeping away

I close my eyes tight, then open them and stare
Oh my god, I can't believe you're still there

I touch your chest and you wake up and smile
and then I was reality this whole while.


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