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Sweet, Sweet, Torture
by WriterDom

Light of day fades
night ushers in
it's promised pleasure

piano music plays
some old love song
it outlived the singer

a half moon of lipstick
on half finished wine
eyes say more
than all my verse

my lips brush
tenderly against
sweet scented skin

like an artist
each kiss placed
by inspiration
those soft closed eyelids
nape of neck where perfume lingers
exquisite softness of breasts
pink tautness of aching nipples
smooth curves of tummy

all the way to lacy pink
pulled down with teeth
arousal breathed
cherished scent of love

you lift as silk slides down
charming thighs to painted toes
kicked aside till morning light

slender fingers tangle in my mane
holding tight against your pleasure
a scorch of wicked bliss
as tongue traces slowly

a tease unrelenting
joined by fingertips
knocking on heaven's gate

a borrowed sigh
a rented moan
a squirm uncalled
such sweet, sweet torture


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