The Best Erotic Stories.

Tears are Falling
by Wyte Wulfe

tears are falling
kiss them away
simple touch
electric touch
right to the heart
and soul
eyes searching
find reason
reading thoughts
bodies advance
and embrace

naked bodies
mouths searching
lips meeting
hands caress
with urgency
trying to reach
within the other's soul
pulling closer
bodies pressed
never getting close enough
wanting to become one
holding tighter
pulses rise

the beauty
as her head slides back
her lips part
a moan escapes
they move together
their wet skin
slides against each other

the pace quickens
they pull each other closer
held so tightly
lips pushed together
tongues entwined
all breaks free
the walls crash down
they are one

they touch
and laugh
as freely as children
they kiss
and comfort
and love
until sleep
caresses them both


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