The Best Erotic Stories.

The Dream
by Shox

My arms reach for you
I long for the warmth of your touch
My hands lightly touch your skin
I trace the outline of your face and push the hair of your face
I gently start to kiss your face starting with your eyes, nose, ears, cheeks, and ending with your mouth
Our lips touch and its as if someone has lit a match
My tongue slowly parts your lips
It starts to explore your warm mouth
My fingers dancing over your body finding every hill and valley
I start to kiss you all over
My mouth finding all your pleasure points
You let out a moan of encouragement
I use my tongue as a guide on your body, slowly moving down your body
I can feel the warmth radiating from you
My tongue teases your outer lips before i kiss your thighs
I kiss down your right leg planting gentle kisses behind your knees and the bottom of your feet
I than continue my kissing journey slowly up your left leg
My mouth can feel the warmth of your wetness
I take a taste of your sweet honey
I slowly start to explore your warmth with my tongue and fingers
I move slowly only bringing you pleasure
I quicken the pace and venture deeper
You let out a scream of ectasy
I than awaken to realize it was only a dream
for now.......
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