The Best Erotic Stories.

The Failure of April
by sweetpea

He speaks chinese;
we disengage legs, flat arms
removing and revolving
wet nipples slipping on tongues
the truth dissolving between the flesh of our stomachs.

I'm speaking english;
observing failure occuring in the folds of skin
where my eyes meet your spine
and the warm, soft places we met and hid; hide and connect.

Language crumbles under the weight
of two bodies locked;
desperate magnets
inside and under,underneath and around.
Friction fights function,
the repitition of slavery,
all systems failed in April.

You put your universe
in my mouth
and I gladly sucked every drop,
but we were too smooth and cool
to find the truth
obscured in breasts and smiles.

Goodbyes exchanged in darkness and sheets
ending as it started;
the domination and submission connecting us,
then driving us apart.

My core exploded ten thousand times
in our five years;
My open legs begged you
but the language barrier and culture shock
watched us fuck and struggle
until words flew out the window.

I was never more naked than when I said goodbye.


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