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The Funk of Life
by Solar Dragon

From two bodies,male and female it came.
They wrestled with abandon to try and reach each others sexual core.
They fucked for their own pleasure.
Made love for a future together with Soul.
All was done in moments of insane lust.
The lust dripping down from bodies that were in more than just heat.
They were on fire of the carnal kind.
It was variety the religious warned you about.
To nature it was nourishment for the air and trees.
For animals it was motivation to reproduce.
A breeze caught the sent of their arousal,
these fuckin people were doing it out in the open.
In the open or not, no walls could contain this passion.
Furry little animals and animals not so small knew enough to leave them
The woman's pussy grabbed his cock tight,his cock made her flow a river of
want that dripped to his balls.
This funk was heavy and getting thicker.
From body to body the sweat dripped and was consumed by every hole and
opening two human beings possessed.
Animals couldn't stand the temptation and soon started their own serenade of
The immediate area was a cauldron of primal need.
These two people possessed no names at this moment of the old cycle.
Only thing which mattered now was the crazy funk love,
his cum in her pussy.
It happened,
he did it,spilled what seemed like a gallon of his seed into her.
It drips down out of her into the crack of her ass.
Tomorrow in this area the air will be a little fresher the grass and little
Trees will seem fuller.
Children will play in this park and enjoy a beautiful day.
A day made enchanted by something two very horny people were doing,
something parents and religious types warn the children about.
But at night the couple cums back and another day will be created that can
be enjoyed.


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