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The Glory of the Flesh and Spirit
by Solar Dragon

There was a time long ago when a man watched his woman love her children with both flesh and spirit.
There was no shame or guilt,
there was only a love in the heart which pumped life in the form of her sweat and every other aspect of her womanhood.
From her body came feelings others could taste, smell and feel.
What was raw and physical was at one with the love of her offspring.
She nourished the ones she loved with the force of her life.
With this her children grew titanic strength in mind, body and spirit.
A connection was made between the most fundamental of life,
the never fully understood entity of will,
to the very machinery of the physical form,
the flesh.
The body was not a step down in consciousness but a step up in the learning of its glory.........
the connection with the Soul.


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