The Best Erotic Stories.

The Master Commands (21/6/2000)
by Andie

When we got first to chatting , you          i
were the person to say that you
were here to be commanded ,
whatever I desired , so then came
the chance of my wildest fantasies
to realized , the wild thoughts
flew through my mind at that
moment , of what I was going
to have you do .

Then for me to feast on your lovely          ii
body , did I have you remove all
your clothing in sensual dance like
movements, then did I go fetch
the handcuffs and the cane, of
which you showed signs of fear
at first, but once I had handcuffed
your hands behind your back, I
then had you laughing, for I did
say, the handcuffs were there
to prevent you from playing
with yourself.

For the desire to see more of          iii
your lovely bush and ass, I had
seen as you removed all your
clothing, then came a command
with a harsher edge to it, for you
to be bending the over that plush
chair ,set in the middle of the room,
for then did I get the view of views,
I been wanting to see until now, for

Lovely ass, did I see the little rosette
'winking' of sorts to me, then came
a command, for which was asked
for you to wet a finger with your
sensual mouth, then for it to be
inserted in the rosette hole, of
which you did , then slowly did
a smile come to you face, as you
inserted it further in , then for
my pleasure, did I bush the cane
near the area of the little rosette.

Then on hands and knees, do I crawl
towards my reward, then from then
does my tongue wander, towards your
clit, then do I start to feel your wetness
slide down my tongue, then further do I
flicker my tongue inside your bush, then
more my tongue moves inside you, the waves
travel along your body at the point of
no return for both us.

Then thanks comes from both
for such a great experience,
then both ourselves exit the
virtual room.


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