The Best Erotic Stories.

The Night
by Lisa A. Rose

Night has fallen as I enter your room.
Darkness envelopes me as I shut the door.
The sound of your breath comes from the bed;
I come to you, silently walking across the floor.

I undress and slip in beside you-
Flesh against flesh we lay-
I slide my arm around your body;
Our seclusion after a long day.

I gently caress your chest-
My hand sliding down your treasure trail-
My fingers run through your coarse hair.
My hand feels the object of your male.

Soft and limp, completely harmless,
Along your secret parts my hands run.
I genuflect between your legs
And awaken you with my tongue

Soft kisses I set upon your thighs;
A heat radiating from your skin.
My tongue glides along your testicles;
Your cock enters my mouth within.

At first so soft and pliant-
Delectable and small in size-
I hunger for it perpetually.
Now it begins to rise.

Your breathing seems to deepen
With each descension of my mouth.
Your hips undulating with my rhythm;
Your body is crying out.

You pull me up and lay me down.
From behind, you enter my core.
With each pounding thrust of your cock
Your sex is hungering for more.

You grab my hips and pierce my soul
With each pounding of your sex.
Lustful moans escape your lips;
I anticipate what is coming next

At last your body tenses;
You explode in fiery pash.
Your carnal hunger is satiated;
The end has come to pass.

You gently lay me down
And hold me in your keep.
At last the quiet night allures us,
And summons us to sleep.

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