The Best Erotic Stories.

The One Before You
by David B.

Silent, watching, ready,
lying openly before you,
waiting for an aimed movement,
a moment inhaled in clarity.

No fabric hides my taut skin,
no barrier restricts my soul,
I offer all for you to define
busy, random pleasure to share.

I lie enticed by your feminine specter,
funneled into inner piercing,
overspent into dauntless desire,
shamelessly, defenselessly revealing.

Your array of fine senses,
flush, alerted, searching,
prods your knowing memory,
until fully raw, awake.

You wished it this way,
to be the one to boldly commence,
drawing from restless wildness
into my still, patient yielding.

Reaching, a gathered whole
from a pulled remnant,
our scents draw each other,
any distance recedes.

Choose boldly for yourself,
as one awaits your choice,
longing for any tethered embrace
to surprise in fragrant touch.

Find the emerging place-time
to set fingertip to raw skin,
subtle, creeping, seeing touch,
ever increasing in strength.

This body's lonely mysteries,
release themselves to the care
of one who accepts, holds,
creates a new vision shared.

I am yours this one today,
Let any fearsome joy cascade
into fully received depths,
then spring wantonly upward.

Raptures centered, lustily mixed,
pressing, surging, discovered souls,
invited flesh, tangled, propelled,
lost in chaos, found in love.


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