The Best Erotic Stories.

The Seduction
by Tiggs

I lie awake at the darkest hours of night
I feel the heavy chains of slumber hold me down
As I try to escape my pillowy prison
I shiver, though the room is quite warm
I feel the soft, feathery touch of fingertips
As they glide gently across my skin
Each touch feels like the first time
My breath quickens slightly
As a finger brushes against my nipple
Slowly the fingertips tickle their way up my arm
Leaving goose bumps in their path
They caress my cheek and the side of my neck
Ever so slightly, they travel down my sides
And across my tummy
I can feel the fiery warmth build up inside me
As the fingers play with my curly hair
As if by instinct I part my legs
I offer myself to the sweet seduction
As I have many times before...


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