The Best Erotic Stories.

The Secret Dance
by Shox

I spot you across the room
You brush your hair off your shoulder while laughing at a funny line
Your black dress following every curve
Your breasts peaking from the low cut of your dress
I make my way across the dance floor
I cover your eyes and whisper in your ear, " Did you miss me?"
You turn around and we kiss
Our attraction heating up the room
My hands running up and down your back finally resting on your tight, round ass
We dance the night away laughing and whispering secrets until the late hours
We end up in my room at the end of the night
I push the straps from your shoulders and let your dress fall to a puddle at your feet
My eyes soak in the magnificent sight before me
I pull you close and our lips meet
Our tongues fight to become one
I step away and let my dress fall
I step out of it and move with you to the bed
I gently lay you on the bed, our mouths and bodies never parting
Our hands roam over each others body
I start to nibble on your neck
My hands massaging your breasts
Your breathing becoming rapid
I start a trail of kisses down your body
My tongue tasting every inch of your body
I reach between your legs and part them massaging your very hard clit
You moan your approval, your hands running through my hair
I finally reach my destination with my tongue
I engulf your clit in my mouth lightly sucking
I trace your outer lips with my tongue
Your wetness tasting sweet on my tongue
I insert two fingers slowly
Pushing them in as my tongue dances on your clit
You ask and beg for more
I insert another stretching you a little more
Sliding into you knuckle by knuckle
Your breath now coming in gasps
I pull my fingers out and insert my whole hand, letting it stretch inside you
My mouth still nibbling on your clit
My hand finding and rubbing your g-spot
Lightly teasing you both inside and out
But you can still take more
I know just what you need
I take my free hand and wet it with your juices
I slowly start to insert my fingers in your arse
Rubbing them against my fist inside you
You tell me to stop when i get to three
You start to shake uncontrollably with your orgasm
My tongue licks you clean, every last drop
I slow my pace down before leaving you empty
I pull you into my arms and hold you as your orgasm subsides
You fall asleep tucked safely in my arms with my warm breath on your neck.
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