The Best Erotic Stories.

The Slavegirl Expresses Her
Devotion in Rhymed Couplets

by Kerrie O'Keefe

"Star light, star bright
Is my slavegirl wet tonight?"
Yes indeed, my mistress sweet
From dreams of serving at your feet.
In darkness nude upon my knees
I wait in eagerness to please.
Footsteps now outside the door
You've come to tease your little whore.
Dampness grows between my thighs
Lust and nipples on the rise.
"Hello my pet," you say to me
And stroke my hair so tenderly,
Then pull my head back with a jerk
And ask me if I've done my work
Like cleaning house and laundry too
And jilling off to thoughts of you.
"Of course," I say in words polite
"My work is done, I'm yours tonight"
(And every night forever, for
You own my soul down to the core.)
You circle all around me now,
Brush my hair back from my brow.
Your body sleek in black latex
That screams our taste for kinky sex
And fills my soul with hot desire,
For you my pussy burns like fire
You press my face into your belly,
Turn my will to useless jelly.
To be this close to your sweet box
Is torture, but dear god, it rocks!
I'd crawl on glass for half a mile
To beg for you and get denial.
With soothing words you bid me rise
And gaze into your twinkling eyes.
Your kisses on my eager lips,
Your hands so firm upon my hips,
You ask me if I'm worthy of
The thing I want so much--your love.
"Mistress, yes," I say to you
And now intend to prove it too.
I know you will not think it crass
For me to offer you my ass,
And so I bend almost in half
And hear your sweet sardonic laugh:
"Grab your ankles, little bitch
While I pick out the proper switch."
Positioned thus, I make it clear
I'm nothing but a slavegirl here.
The paddle that you choose tonight
Is slim with holes and ultra-light
To turn my ass from white to red
To make me scream, to make me spread
My legs in hopes my dripping juice
Will make you end my ass abuse.
But oh my god the blows come fast
And cause such stinging on my ass
I yelp and cry and beg and beg
With cunt cream running down my leg.
For every time you swat me so
I want you more--but this you know.
At last the paddle takes a rest;
You stand me up and bare your breast.
Your nipple is so hard and pink
I'd love to suck for days, I think,
And so I suckle at your tit
Which makes your hips move just a bit.
You grind against my grateful thigh
And as I suck I hear you sigh:
"Sweet slut of mine it makes me thrill
To know you live to do my will,
To make me cum at my demand,
To be my dog, my biggest fan,
My bitch, my whore, my living toy,
Submissive little source of joy."
You say these words and still I suck
(You left out "You're my worthless fuck.")
The crotchless latex suit allows
My hand to touch your pussy now,
So soft and moist, so sweetly you
God I how love your angel goo.
And sensing my desire to please,
You gently push me to my knees.
You take a seat upon the bed
And place your hands behind my head
To pull me to my favorite spot
Your dripping pussy, pink and hot.
Your lovely scent surrounds my face
You know I'd eat you anyplace
But just for fun you start to growl
"Eat me bitch! Bitch, eat me now!"
I dive into your tasty gash
And slurp you slow then lick you fast
Like butterflies upon your clit;
I swear I'll never tire of it.
And while I chew your pussylips,
I place my hands beneath your hips,
Push your legs up overhead,
And scoot you backwards on the bed.
I'll gladly later lick your boot
But first I want your hidden fruit:
Your lovely asshole, small and brown,
Invites my tongue to come around.
I jab my tongue into that hole
To show you how I love my role.
It makes you moan, it makes you shout,
It's what my slavery's all about.
To lick the ass of one divine
Is heaven to this slavegirl's mind.
My nose is pressed against your slit;
I blink my eyes and tease your clit.
My tongue works in your nether hole,
Toward your own orgasmic goal.
Please clamp your thighs around my ears
And cum for me, my mistress dear.
Let all the planet hear you scream
And flood my face with angel cream.
O sweet sweet love, to make you cum
Is nothing less than twice the sum
Of all my dreams of deep desire.
My lucky mouth will never tire
Of licking all I love the best
And planting kisses on your chest.
You bid me join you on the bed
And touch the moisture on my head:
"My little slave, you ate me well,
And now your face has such a smell
Of sex and lust and horny girls
(My favorite smell in all the world).
I wonder, slut, what's on your mind
When kissing on my sweet behind?"
I snuggle down in your embrace
And let you stroke my cunty face
And tell you with an answer true:
"My only thoughts are those of you.
For my devotion knows no bounds-
Whip me, hang me upside down,
Spank my cunt and clamp my nips,
Tattoo your name upon my hips.
Then call my friends and family,
Invite them up to have some tea
And show me off, your human pet,
For all you'll do is make me wet
And make me love you even more,
Your worthless slutty slavegirl whore."
And so it goes, another night
Of kinky sex and pure delight,
Of dildos, wax, and anal fun,
And sweet exhaustion when we're done.
The time has come to go to sleep
But first you kiss me long and deep
And as you stretch beneath the sheet
I curl up, happy, at your feet.


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