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Twas the Night Before XX-mas
by Savage Kitten

The children were tucked all snug in their bed
and I just sat down to rest my weary head
I looked around, happy and content
all my hard earned money so easily spent
under the tree the presents were stacked
the turkey roasting, so fully packed
Christmas carols filtered through the room
my eyes drifted close to the soft rhythmic tune
I jumped to my feet with quite a start
a loud clatter nearly stopping my heart
peering into the darkness, nothing to be seen
but still I heard a faint "Ho Ho Ho" & sleigh bell ring
dazed and confused, I did not believe
in Santa and reindeer on Christmas eve
would you believe, before my eyes, who did appear
but a handsome young man in a santa suit grinning from ear to ear
his dark eyes sparkled and twinkled with delight
I don't think milk and cookies were on his mind that night
Opening the door, I invited him in
politely enquiring how his trip had been
sitting on the sofa, he patted his knee
"Sit right here, and we'll soon see"
climbing on his lap, my arm around his neck
I tingled with excitement not knowing what to expect
"I didn't get your letter", he started off
I stammered a reply and muffled a cough
"I know you haven't been very good this year"
he whispered so softly I could barely hear
"I suppose that's why you didn't send a wish list
or let me know I was missed."
I shrugged and smiled an innocent smile
his hand caressed my leg all the while
"Dear Santa, forgive me please!"
I giggled, wiggling in his lap with ease
a deep growl was his only reply
his lips finding mine, muting a sigh
so be good all year if you must
it's the bad girls that fuel Santa's lust!!


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