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The Vision of A Woman
by Solar Dragon

She came to him a long time ago in a vision.
Some would say it existed as a wish.
To him it was more than a wish.
Wishes were shrouded in concepts of stupidity and foolishness.
This was a vision of what a woman could be.
Someone warm and understanding,
that could see the man through the dressings of vanity and ego.
She was the one who could attach body to spirit.
He looked inward to seek answers from the Soul.
There had to be reasons the vision of this particular kind of woman was so
With time and patience he understood this woman was his Eve.
She was the dawn to a world he sought since his beginning.
He understood perfection was a concept conjured by the spiritless.
This was a woman who transcended words.
She existed as simple feelings.
She existed as primal lust.
Animals do not care about words.
However his Soul in unison with his animal was able to give at least some
meaning to the oldest feelings known.
This unison to him and maybe others is known as humanity.
In humanity there is a story rich in antiquity,
even clichéd to a large degree.
The story goes that the original man would rip the heart from his chest to
show to the woman he loves.
If this myth were to ever become real what would it look like to the woman?
And would the woman know what to do with it once love was shown in its naked


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