The Best Erotic Stories.

Victoria Jean (A Dream of Dreaming)
Part One

by Bissres

We sit together, spaced evenly yet awkwardly around the room.
Talking casually, but our eyes and heaving breasts knowing
What has remained unspoken, what has remained unknown.
We desire each other, we three.

Chance moves us together, reclining close enough
That we feel the heat we give to one another.
The room electric with anticipation.
We await the beginning, we three.

Like storm clouds that can no longer hold its tempest
We finally break our restraints, touching
In ways that can only signal our need for each other.
We begin to love, we three.

Soft caresses, early explorations of unseen but
Often imagined comforts. Our smoothness familiar and inviting.
Her's exotic and exhilarating. Touching, we share our love.
We begin to experience, we three.

Heads together, a lovely tangle of soft hair, lips and necks,
We kiss as we stroke each other, sharing our breathe as we do
Our lips and tongues, hands and faces, mouths and fingers.
We release to our desires, we three.

Needing deeper love, heightened passion,
We undress each other, slowly releasing our heaving bodies
To the light of our desire and the warmth of our touch.
We explore each other, we three.

Skin upon skin, nipples upon nipples,
Hands and mouths upon all we writhe together
A creation of lust and desire, fueled by love.
We please each other, we three.

Our nakedness now a testament to the beauty
That is our sensuality, we weave together,
Seeking ways to thrill, each to the others.
We give to each other, we three.

Our mouths find the sex of the others,
Sharing tastes and delights, drowning
In the fruit of our love and wanting more.
We savor each other, we three.

Fingers and mouths in concert now
Pussies and clits and shaft
Swallowing and being swallowed, craving the sweet tastes of the other.
We drive each other, we three.

Our bodies thrust in a union of passion
Unconsciously giving what we so greedily seek with our mouths.
The fulfillment, the explosion of love, the juices we drink so hungrily.
We satisfy each other, we three.

Our sweet cum, flowing like wine into each others mouths,
The pussy flowing like wine over our lips, my cum dripping
Like nectar from an emptying bottle
We drink each other, we three.

Our faces together in a loving embrace,
We eagerly kiss, sharing the tastes among us,
Our laughing tongues, grateful, pleased and pleasing.
We kiss each other, we three.

Our bodies, spent but for the moment in shared ecstasy
Lie entangled, in languid repose. Our hands, again caressing
Our lips, meeting still, those of each other with love and caring.
We hold each other, we three.

Waiting for more, we happy three.

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