The Best Erotic Stories.

Wild Desires
by poetryLady

Unlocking the motel door she looks in his eyes.
Burning within she sees red-hot desire.
Flames of wild passion grow as he gazes at her.
Opening the door she walks in as he follows.
Turning she smiles.
Tension hangs heavy in the air.
Never had she done this before.
But she had to have him.
He moves closer taking her in his arms.
His lips reach hers, lightly kissing.
His kiss grows deeper.
Igniting feelings within her.
For so long passion and desire had been dormant.
Now unleashed, they run through her veins.
Wanting more she holds on tight.
Her hands wander over his body.
Her tongue searching for his,
Meeting, they intertwine.
They begin removing each other's clothes.
Both lose control.
Wanting, needing more.
Picking her up he carries her to the bed.
Not yet has a word been said.
Their eyes speak, telling what they yearn.
Passions and desire burn bright.
Not uttering a word he guides her to her back.
His hands caress her breasts.
Down her stomach he moves.
To her thighs he continues, her breath quickens.
She closes her eyes losing herself in the moment.
Her legs he parts, she invites him in.
Lightly he kisses everywhere.
Then gently he takes her clit in his mouth.
Licking, sucking and nibbling he goes on.
She begs him never to stop.
Her back arches at the feel of his touch.
His finger enters her.
Moans escape.
Working her pussy he adds another finger.
Her body he covers with kisses.
Finding his mouth, she devours him.
The taste and feel of his lips,
It all drives her wild.
She begs him to take her.
He enters slowly savoring every inch of her.
A slow rhythm he finds, making love at first.
She wants more.
Wants him to quench her thirst.
Wrapping her legs around his waist she holds on tight.
Wishing this to be a never-ending night.
He thrusts harder.
Fucking fast and deep.
Her pussy, hot and dripping wet.
She yells, "Fuck Me!"
Plunging in all the way.
It is more than she can take.
He uses his thumb on her clit.
Sucks and nibbles her tits.
Harder and faster he thrusts.
Wanting to see her face when she cums.
Moans intensify.
Building to screams.
Until she cums, his name she cries.
Ecstasy uncontrollable.
She thrashes on the bed.
Still begging for more.
She opens her eyes,
Clouded by ecstasy passion and desire.
She stares in his, into his soul.
He feels it begin to build.
Thrusting harder and deeper he fills all of her with him.
She takes every inch.
Pulling out he cums on her tits
As she smiles, gazes at him.
They, float back to earth from the throws of passion.
He holds her in his arms.
She kisses his neck, lightly scratching his chest.
In his ear she whispers," Shall we go again?"


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