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When I Look At You
by Caesar

When I look at you, my face illuminates like the sun shining off of the sea
ten thousand times the brightest shine that eyes did ever see.
So genuine, so unique, and so graceful are you in a pose,
no beauty I've seen can compare to this that I now know.
My thoughts of you are in the highest from the words we've passed in time
by showing me this, puts me in bliss and higher my thoughts do climb.
So high that they could touch the sky and so wide that they cannot fall for
to see you is to know you and that inspires me all the more.
This electric sensation is a feeling that digs deep down into my soul.
This vision of beauty is an inspiration in ways that have often been told.
For Helen's did on that woeful night when the Trojans went to war.
More died in vain and were disdained for beauty they'll see no more.
As eagles fly and snatch their prey for their appetite to be fulfilled,
was Romeo snatched by Juliet's and their lives forever willed.
For the love of God, of Man, of Country, and life do we all pray.
For beauty has inspired me to believe that it will make its way
to the mountaintop, to the pinnacle of praise that most tend to adore,
to God's second and be adorned with crowns of gold as in ancient lore.
That beauty seems as timeless as gold remains I cannot deny
that beauty is not just a vision but complements what one can justify
inside one's soul and heart and mind by will and faith it evolves.
Alive, it grows and deepens into a mystery that we will never solve.
Limitless and overflowing, its potential flows constantly through our veins.
Nevertheless, when at last we finally pass, its essence will still remain.
For the outside usually folds to the likeness of that which is within.
For in your case there is no trace of difference without or within.
Why, if beauty was a statue and able to stand throughout the centuries,
by the riverside standing tall and ominous, high among the trees.
I truly swear that it would not bear any faults or penalties,
thy grace, my dear, truly declares that it bear your face, eternally.
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