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Wanderlust - Poetry in Motion
by The Inquisitor

Her lips trembled as she looked out onto the water.
It was a cold day.
Even colder than yesterday.
But, that had been a different city.
Now she was here.

As the wind blew her jacket open, she trembled again.
Her hips hugged the railing in front of her.
He didn't look in her eyes or say a word.
He simply closed her jacket and zipped her up.
Then he moved quickly behind her.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and caressed her.
She was wedged between him and the railing.
She smiled and moved against his hardness.
This was her favorite position.
She always felt safe this way; knowing what, but not who.

Now it was her turn to please him.
In one motion, she turned and lowered to her knees.
He still didn't look at her face, only to her intentions.
He lowered his hand and released her present.
And, she loved it like it was her first.

When she was done, she moved around and stood with her back to him.
Safe again.
He shook with gratitude and she trembled; this time with contentment.
She wondered whom she would meet tomorrow.
Another day, another airport.


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