The Best Erotic Stories.

Wrong Side of Town
by Fanta C

People say that it's wrong.
They say you're from the wrong side of town.
I know this, yet when you are near I tremble,
and heat suffuses my body.
"He's trash," they yell.
"He's not your equal."
But their words are lost in a sea of longing.
Your rough, work worn hands are caressing me,
arousing me,
preparing me.
Your invasion has begun.
I am filled with your body,
your soul,
your love.
Ecstacy builds.
Tension mounts.
My love for you is overflowing.
I am going to burst with it.
I clutch you as it approaches.
The stars are within my grasp.
As I clutch one, a bright light blinds me,
and I explode,
trembling with joy,
feeling the depth of our love within my womb.
As I curl up in your arms to sleep,
my body sated and at peace,
I am thankful that I ignored people
and followed my heart,
and married the man from the wrong side of town.


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