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What The Woman Sees
by Solar Dragon

She looks at the male half of her species.
There is something in the air and she knows what it is.
She looks into eyes which burn their way into her Soul and pussy.
No longer does she see the mans age,race or any physical characteristic.
She sees him as the one who will bring her to a place where they will cum
It is maybe the beginning of a universe that once existed.
A core to a place that the flesh longs to go.
The fire which was caused by his eyes helps her pussy secrete a fluid which
is an invitation to pleasure and life.
The man becomes a being of primal desires that helped start this existence.
She wants to devour this animal and source of her most bitter and sweetest
of desire.
Sex.Raw sex becomes her tool to do just that.
She smells him.
The sent causes her to melt further.
She is getting closer to that place.
To her in that state it is a place where she will live.
It is a place known as the orgasm.
It is a wish, a want beyond the conscious mind.
Her logical self knows she can not stay there but the want is too strong.
It is so real at the peak of her greatest pleasure.
She taste the nectar from his skin that was born in another woman.
Man and woman cum together.
It is done.
In her heart she knows only nature could create such beautiful irony as a
being who brings such pleasure to a woman.
She helps create her own most erotic experience known as man.
In many ways she knows she helped create him.


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