The Best Erotic Stories.

Winter Years
by yeswhyof

Here we are young, happy and content lying in bed,
My hand stretched out adventurous, until she said,
"What will happen when time has its way?
When your mind is slow and your body is in decay".
My hand recoiled at the words she uttered,
I opened my mouth and vainly stuttered,
"We are young and will be for at least some years,
Do not look ahead with worry and fear,
I am nubile, willing and full of beans,
And you? You are only just past your teens!"

In our act of nightly heaving passion,
My love was proved in a most positive fashion,
With energetic pushes, pulls and strokes,
"This should end her talk of boring old folks!"

Later she slept warm and impressed,
My hand stretched out and squeezed her flesh,
"When the winter years are reached,
Will I find creases in my summer peach?
As she turns into a wretched old hag,
Her stomach tickled by scrawn and scrag"
I lay in bed and shrieked with grief,
"Oh no!" I cried, "My love with no teeth!"


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