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Natural High - Couple gets sensual in mountain cabin.
Night With A Friend - Night holds many pleasures for couple.
No Regrets X - Cathy's accident leads to sex with Sean.
No Words - Handsome stranger saves her ruined day.
Ocean - The sea reminds her of his love.
On A Rainy Night - He and Katie enjoy a hot bath.
Once Upon a Dream - She relives their last encounter.
One Romantic Night - Camping mate is full of surprises.
Online Pt. I - Cyber lover makes big announcement.
Opposites Attract - Brainy artist falls for bubbly social butterfly.
Our First Meeting - You and him share passion in a hotel room.
Our Night - They make love for first time together.
Overboard - Man is tossed off the ship, and into a wild adventure.
Paradise - One last night alone together on the beach.
Pardon My French Kiss - Exec learns language of love in night school.
Past Renewed Ch. I - Couple rekindles lust.
Phillip - She's reunited with a man from her past.
Phoebe & Chris - High school sweethearts find each other.
Phoenix Pt. I - Man and woman enjoy time in Arizona hotel room.
Phoenix Pt. II - She wakes him in a very sexy way.
Phoenix Delight - Lovely girl friend takes his virginity.
Pool Love - She enjoys nighttime swim.
Poolside - Sexy couple pleasure each other by the water.
Poolside Massage - He helps lovely woman with her sunscreen.
Rain - Weather enhances the perfect picnic.
Rain Lust -  Couple savors sex in a downpour.
Rendezvous - Bettina falls for online lover.
Return Encounter - Japanese girl reunites with long lost love.
Reverie - He spoils Carrie with a sensual bath & massage.
Roger, The Lodger - Cape Cod widow prays for a man.
Romantic Love - Demanding note leads to night of passion.
Saturday Night Thoughts - He looks forward to seeing Sara.
Secret - Online lover travels cross country for surprise visit.
Security - Casino security guard encounters an unlikely hooker.
Serenade - He's melted by the lovely D'aunne.
Sex Before Christmas - Ben and Julie fall for each other in pub.
Sex in the Surf - Ian helps his fiancée open up.
Sex with a Stranger - She shares passion with a mysterious man.
7:15 Train - Cyber lovers meet for the first time in person.
Shimmer - Molly imagines tryst with Brian.
Shirt & Tie - She looks sexy in his clothes.
Shop Room Romance - Torrid lust amidst sawdust.
Sneaking Under The Stars - She tries to win back true love.
Snow - Lost in a snowstorm, Lauren finds a lover.
Something Warm & Wet Pt. I - He soaps you up in shower.
Something Warm & Wet Pt. II - She returns the favor.
Spoons - Couple enjoys the day together.
Starlight on the Beach - Last night holds joys & disappointments.
Storm - Old lovers meet during a rainstorm.
Stranger in the Lounge - Sexy woman approaches man in bar.
Strawberries & Champagne - She lives a night of fantasy.
Summer - Shoe store employee gets dream customer.
Sunbathers - Hot sex under the summer sun.
Surrender Ch. I - He helps you discover your submissive side.
Surrender Ch. II - You and he enjoy a snack.
Surrender Pt. III - You begin to rediscover yourself with His help.
Surrender Pt. IV - He dresses you up.
Surrender Pt. V - He asks you an important question.
Sunny - Lover takes her on a relaxing getaway.
Swans Pt. I - Yvette talks to Cassidy, and meets her boss's son.
Swans Pt. II - Cassidy's story.
Sweet Seduction - She's torn between fiancé and online lover.
Tantric Tradewinds Ch. I - Reunited lovers enjoy a paradise.
Tantric Tradewinds Ch. II - Couple enjoys a hearty breakfast.
Tasha - Exec falls for lovely call girl.
Texas Holiday - Biker seeks his true love.
The Ancient Prophecy VII - Maya confronts a man from her past.
The Ancient Prophecy VIII - Prince Roberto joins in the quest.
The Ancient Prophecy IX - The War, Won, yet Lost...
The Ancient Prophecy X - Astrus faces his feelings for Anna.
The Ancient Prophecy XIa - The adventure continues...
The Ancient Prophecy Pt. XIb - Waltz with Demon's Pet, Pt. II.
The Ancient Prophecy Pt. XIIa - Atrus meets with Lord Falagor.
The Barn - Lovers seek shelter from sudden storm.
The Bath - Mike helps Sue unwind after rough day.
The Battle - Part III of the Ancient Prophecy fantasy series.
The Bus Stop - Steven's intrigued by petite brunette stranger.
The Cabin in Virginia - Internet lovers rendezvous in the mountains.
The Conference - Woman on business trip lives a fantasy.
The Contact - You help lovely lady find her lost contact lens.
The Date - Man yearns for lovely large woman.
The Date - Guy and girl share romantic evening.
The Date - Couple gets passionate before they even get home.
The Dealer - Loving couple plays Strip Blackjack.
The Dinner - Series of notes lead you to lust-filled night.
The Dream - She dreams of him.
The Dream - You and her and a remote cabin.
The Drive - Couple rekindles romance while the kids are away.
The Elevator - Online lovers are trapped between floors.
The Encounter - Couple meets in club & enjoy night of passion.
The Fantasy - Ante fulfills Dezarae's fantasy.
The Flat Tire - Car trouble proves lucky for man.
The Games We Play - Love, lust, & treachery in Victorian times.
The Homecoming - Returning hubby wakes up wife in the best way.
The Horse of Her Dreams - Trudy finds tragedy, and love.
The Instructor - Woman has romantic encounter with her teacher.
The Limousine - Woman finds love in the back of a limo.
The Lone Ranger - Part II of the fantastic "Ancient Prophecy" story.
The Long Wait - Long lost lovers reunite passionately.
The Long Wait - His fear keeps him from his dream woman.
The Midnight Sortie - Girl falls for pilot.
The Moon - Woman has wild night out with online lover.
The Opening Tease - He's smooooth!
The Pleasures of Beth - Martin and Beth find each other.
The Promise - Woman consummates affair.
The Raven - Don finds Ms. Right in an unexpected place.
The Rendezvous - A romantic interlude in London.
The Return - Abby's heart is broken by his departure.
The Road to Norwich Ch. I - Asha sacrifices for her sister's kin.
The Shower - Hot couple gets steamy in the bathroom.
The Soiree - Sparks fly between Kayla & her fiancé's cousin.
The Storm - Rain on a sultry day cools down lovers' quarrel.
The Storm - Joy's rainy night fender bender leads to lust.
The Sunpath - Fisherman finds his way to the path.
The Train - Lonely woman takes train trip.
The Stinging Rain - Man meets sexy mysterious woman in the rain.
The Surprise - Wife spoils him after hard workday.
The Swimmers - 40ish woman and 20ish man enjoy a swim.
The Taming of Cordelia - The King of France takes a wife.
The Traveling Companions - Wealthy man places an unusual ad.
The U-Boat - Young Brit girl meets man on deserted island.
The Visit Pt. I - He arrives for stay with sweet redhead.
The Visitor - Strange woman seeks shelter from the storm.
The Workout - He meets you & is teased by you after work.
Thinking of You - She fantasizes about him in the shower.
Together - He arranges perfect night for his lovely wife.
3 Hours - Married woman fondly remembers lusty tryst.
Unfinished Business - Jody's faced with the inevitable.
Unforgettable - Man falls for a gorgeous stripper.
Vacation Pt. I - Couple stays in haunted Mexican resort hotel.
Vacation Pt. II - Couple encounters a ghost.
Vacation Heat - Stranded by the tide, she finds him.
Valentine's Day - He spoils her rotten.
Valentine's Day Pt. II - He spoils her even more.
Valentine's Fantasy - Couple enjoys lust on the couch.
Valerie Comes Out of Her Shell - Man falls for shy coworker.
Valerie Comes Out Of.. Pt. II - He and Valerie enjoy quality time.
Valerie Comes Out Of.. Pt. III - Their date comes to an end.
Velvet Escape - He waits for his true love.
Veronica's Story - Disillusioned stripper gives aid to stranded man.
Vixen's Cabin - She and her lover, alone in the woods.
Vixen's Savannah - She surprises her traveling beau.
Wait For a Diamond - Man finds perfect love.
Wall - He takes her in an alleyway, and she can't get enough.
Was It Real... - Husband comforts wife during storm, or does he?
What a Dull Night - Man meets dream girl at party.
When Irises Bloom - Neighbor brings flower cuttings to Mary.
Who is the Father? - Doctor find sperm for impotent couple.
Winds of Change - Nina's torn between current guy and past flame.
Wood Nymph - Duncan & Seamus take refuge in witch's hut.
Woodland Nymph - Photo recalls an Indian summer day.

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