The Best Erotic Stories.

by Frank

This is a true store about what happen to me a year or so ago, My name is Frank and I am fourth-five years old. I never knew that I would meet women that would be as vigorous as Angela. I want to tell you my store. I hope that all of you have this happen to you a lest once in your lifetime. This is only the first chapter of my store and if you like it I will share with you the others.

About a year ago my relationship of ten years ended, and I was forced to move out of the house we rented together I told her that I would move within the month. But she was making life unbearable. I was compelled to move the following weekend. The only thing available was a house to share. I looked it over a nice four bedroom in a good area and decided to take it. The person I would be sharing the house with was a woman named Angela. She was happy to have me move in. She needed the money and the fact that I was good at repairing things around the house helped. She was in the process of getting a divorce after fourteen years of marriage. So she may have been a little lonely too. Angela was born in El Salvador and is a nice looking woman and carried herself well. She is a year older than I. She stands five feet tall and weights about 100 pounds with long black hair extending three quarter of the way down her back and lovely brown eyes. Her breasts are of average size, but firm and a small 28-inch waist.

Over the next few months we became the best of friends doing almost everything together. Bar-B-Q going out to dinners and drinks, Drives to the beach, and taking in a movie. When she went shopping I went with her. With all the time we spent together I could not help but want to be a lot closer to her, That little Latin was getting to me. It had been months since I had gotten laid, I wanted Angela, but I did not want to rune our friendship or worst having to move again. But all that changed!

It was a warm Friday evening, Angela and I both had the weekend off, We decided to go out to our favorite Thai restaurant for dinner and then watch a video. We both took quick a shower and got ready to go. Angela was dressed in a nice low cut blouse and a pair of matching jeans. She had some cleavage showing. I am sure she was not wearing a bra, by the way her breasts moved. I wore a pair of 501 levies and a light blue shirt. The dinner was great, but my eyes kelp drifting to her breasts She caught me looking at her a few times, but only smiled. There was a lot of small talk over dinner; Angela drank two small bottles of sake during the dinner, She is not a drinker so I know that she was feeling it. On the drive home she sat very close to me. When we got home I put the video on and got her and I a drink. The movie had a few passions love scenes in it. That seemed to get us warm up. So there we were sitting on the couch watching a hot video, I knew that I had to do something. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her slowly toward me. I started rubbing her neck and back, moving my hands over her shoulders. She loved it and started telling me were she wanted to be massage and that it felt great." Rub hear, rub there, A little lower" After a few minutes of this She turned toward me. Our eyes locked, placing one hand behind her head I pulled her toward me. Our lips met in a soft kiss. My arms went around her and hers around me. We kissing and hugging like that for a long time I could feel her body moving against me. Her lips opened, my tongue probed the opening. Our soft kisses turned to passion ones, Our bodies move closer together, a small ember begin to burn inside us. My tongue probed deeper Her breasts pressing against my chest, I moved my lips to her neck and begin to trace kisses from one side to the other, Her body responding, convulsing against me. I move my hands slowly up down her back, pulling her closer as I did.

My hands travel freely over her back until they came to rest on her firm ass. Angela begins to grind into me My body move to meet her pulled her closer, until there was no space between us, Her jerking pelvis responded We were now caught up in our animalism desire. The dancing of our bodies became more intense, the inferno burned, there was no turning back, we were out of control. My hands roamed over her ass, feeling her firmness. My lips moved back to hers, I plunged my tongue deeper into her mouth, our tongues met, I moved one hand slowly upward toward her breast, keeping the other on her ass. There was no hurry, I knew that we would share the night, But I was unable to restrain myself, I wanted her and I wanted her now! I could feel my manhood began to swell. My hand continues upward until I reached her breasts. Slowly I moved my hand over her breasts; low moans escaped her lips... "Ohhhhh" I could feel the heat from her body as my hands roamed hungrily over her. My lips begin to decent down her neck trailing kisses along her chest, pause hear and stopping there to pay homage to her body. All the while my fingers played with her heated breasts I could feel her nipples enlarging, trying to push there way through her blouse Another moan. Escaped from her lips. "Agggg..." I moved my lips lower, kissing her straining breasts and nipples through her blouse.

"Ohhhhhhh... Mmmm..."

Finally I moved my fingers and lips to the top of her low cut blouse and the valley of her heaving breasts. My fingers moved to the buttons of her blouse. One by one I forced open each button of her tight fitting blouse and slowly remove it. She was not wearing a bra. Exposing her tantalizing natural swelling breasts, Her dark colored aureoles were the size of silver dollars with nipples that stuck out a half inch. Screaming for attention. All of this framed by her satiny Latin skin. Her breathing increased rapidly, as I began sucking on her tits, A soft moaning came from her lips.

"Aaaaa..." Angela pulled me closer, offering up one breast and then the other. I was like a youngster in a candy store. Greedily I take her nipples in my month and slowly rotate them back and forth with my lips and teeth. Angela moans grow louder. "Ooohhhhh..." I run teasing circles around her nipples. Her chest rising and falling uncontrolled, The moaning growing deeper, She increased the grinding,... thrusting her hips forward, intently and shaking violently.

I pushed her onto her back and lay beside her. I started kissing her belly while working my way down to her waist. At the same time my hand moved from her ass to the front of her jeans, At the first touch of my hand to her crotch she pushed frantically upward against my hand. I had worked my lips to the top of her jeans while trying to open the top button. Angela tried to push me away.

"NO, STOP! DON'T DO THAT!!!! NO" The top button pop open and then another. ... Creating a path for my lips to follow, exposing her panties, I continue a trail of kisses downward. I push her jeans down to her keens. She helped me remove them and her shoes. Angela is now cloth in only a pair of dark green panties. I did not remove her panties but begin raining kisses through then and onto lower belly and crouch. Again she makes an attempt to push me away. But her arms fall to her side. My lips reached her pubic mound.

"PLEASE STOP, OH PLEASE OH! OH! NO!! NO!! OHHHHH O GOD STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MEEEE "The smell of her essence filled the air. I move my lips lower to the vee of her panties placing heated kisses upon her. I pulled the crouch of her panties to one side, reveling her moist hair cover slit. My tongue flicked out parting the outer lips of her pussy, She moan loudly spreading her legs wider. "Ohhhhhh Aaaa!!" now screaming she presses her pussy against my lips. My fingers spread her lips farther apart. My tongue flicked out again, searching for the centerfolds of her pussy, finding what I was searching for I dive into her. She thrust wildly against my tongue. My tongue snakes into her again and again, The radiance of her pink moistened channel is now visibility. I moved my tongue upward climbing toward her clitoris, which is already extended. As I reached higher my tongue flicks across her clitoris, It became more enlarged and enhanced Slowly I reach out to suck on her love button, rolling it just as I had her nipples. And this was all she needed. To push her over the edge.... She shudders wrapped her legs around my head, trying to pull me aggressively to her. She trembles, holding her pussy against my lips, Immediately she begins to come "Aaaaaaaaa Ohhhhhhh No one has ever... Aaaa Ohh... done that to me!!! Ohhhhhh OH GOD!" Her legs start shaking, juices flowing from pussy and onto my face. This last for a minute or more. Slowly her climax subsides. I release her. Angela lays they're quivering, her heart pounding. The only sound is her heavy breathing. My lips return to her clitoris, I begin to kiss and lick her. As I am sucking on her clit once more She explodes in yet another climax, "Aaaaggg!" only this one being more violently than the first. Shaking she opened her mouth to scream but only a deep "Aaaa..." came out; she can only lay there, not moving, her eyes glazed, legs locked.

I let Angela lay there so that she could gather herself. She still has on her panties but there is a dark wet spot on them, they are soaked. She laid there breathing deeply as if she had just run a race. There was a small smile on her face. She turned to me after a few minutes and said in a deep voice that she had never felt anything like that in her life. No one had ever done that to her. She had only heard of men kissing women there .It was the first time she ever had an orgasm She had never felt anything more exciting. She tells me that I am only the third man that she had ever been with. Her boy friend in El Salvador who father her children. Her husband whom she did not have sex with until after they were married. Neither had ever wanted to kiss and lick her pussy. They did want her to give them oral sex, Which she only tried once. But she did not like it and refused to do again. What she said next shocked me. She said that she had not had sex in over seven years, It seems that her ex- husband was unable to get a hard-on and refused to do any thing about it. He would not go see a doctor he only hoped the problem would go away. This was the first time she had any sexual contact in all that time. I still had on my clothing so I remove everything until I was naked. There standing before her was my manhood erect and ready, the head a deep purple, Her eyes widening as she gazes at the nine inches in front of her. "Oh my god! .. I don't know it I can take all that, You have to be easy with me. It's been a long time," she mumbles. I could only smile down at her, saying nothing.

I lowered my lips to hers, kissing her deeply, my hands roaming freely over her body. I move my lips to her tits, causing the nipples to extend even more. At the same time I moved my hand down to her pussy hidden beneath her panties I started rubbing her through them She push her pussy up against my hand. I slowly kissed my way down her belly and onto her panties; I then placed my hands on each side of her panties and pulled them down and off her legs. There before me is her moist triangle it is sparely covered with her black pubic hair. This was the first time that I had seen her completely naked She has a well-maintained body. I moved my hand back to her exposed pussy, I tried inserting a finger into her, She was very moist, but she rolls away and said "No, I want your dick there, I want it NOW! NOT your fingers!" Okay, if that what she wanted I was only to happy to give it to her,

I clamber between her legs; I lower my lips to her to love center once more. There is no need to part her lips, as she is all ready open, her clit standing at attention. Once more she responded, becoming more aroused as I kissed and licked all around her clit and slit, I drive my tongue into her, Angela sweet juices begin to flow. Instinctively she pushed her pussy up into my face, her clit aching for attention, I savoring the sweetness of her, lick on her clit I hear her moaning. Pushing myself up onto my keens I moved my swollen manhood up to her outer lips and rub against her. They seem to open wider. Her juices have lubricated her. I plunge into her, advancing only a few inches. Stopped by the tight embrace of her pussy. . I am encircled by her heated tightness, I feel as if I am taking a virgin.

Moans escape from Angela lips, "Aaaaaa..." They are from the stir and delight that she is experiencing, I press deeper into her. "Aaagggg," she moans. It had been more than seven years since she had been penetration; there is a mixture of pain and pleasure on her face. I continue my invasion upon her vagina. "Ohhhh" she cries. Slowly I moving deeper into her tightness; she locked her legs around my waist and pulled every inch of my swollen cock deeply into her. "Ohhhhhh Aaaaa Yyyyes!" came from her lips. I now lay all the way within her. I dare not move, I lay there letting her grow accustom to me. Slowly but deliberately she began a grinding motion beneath me her pussy pushing upward .We are consumed be our hunger. I begin to move with her Gradually building to a rhythm, Our bodies working together, racing toward fulfillment, Her warmth increasing, the tightness of her pussy was more than I could withstand. I moved faster and faster, deeper and deeper I plunge within her. She tightens her love muscles around my cock, the friction growing greater. Her moans grew louder, "Aggguuuu... Yes Yes... NOW! Ohhhh!" Angela arches her back and screams in pleasure, "Aaaaa!!!" She explodes in a tremendous orgasm, I lunge into her one final time, sending myself over the edge, Shooting a tide of semen deep within her, I erupted again and again filling her with my seed. We collapse, our bodies tangled together.

We laid that way for a long time, not moving. Slowly I pull out of her a soft "Aaagg!" slips from her lips. Angela gets up and cleans her self up. She comes back with a warm damp wash cloth and washes me off. She leans over me and whispered in my ear. "I WANT MORE " She then pulls me up leads me toward the bathroom. Saying, "Come on, let's get a shower!" we head for the bathroom.


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