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by Stiff

Lisa has always had a desire to act. She is certain she missed her calling and while she has played small parts in some of our local plays, she never really did anything more than that. A few weeks back, she more or less took the big plunge.

She read an ad in the paper and showed it to me. I thought it peculiar because it was in the personal section. The ad called for girls interested in pursuing their dreams and wanting parts in a soon to be released movie. The ad said those chosen would be cast in this movie set to be released next year. Lisa was hooked. She decided she wanted to give it a try. She called the number in the paper and wrote down the information.

When she had left the room, I checked the address she wrote down and decided to do a little checking before she got herself in over her head. Since I knew the location and I harbored serious doubts as to the legitimacy of this whole situation, I set about to check things out for myself.

I work for the power company in our town so it was simple to gain access to this building using my credentials. I simply told the guy that answered the door that I was following up on some problems they had been having in this building and needed to check out some of the electrical services in their offices. In no time, on the day Lisa was to audition I was out of the way and in a good vantage point to see what transpired.

Lisa was not the only girl to respond to the ad. Their waiting room had several girls waiting and reading over their parts for the auditions. I ducked back out of the way as Lisa entered since I did not want her see me. I located the room where the actual auditions were to take place and found a super spot that gave me full view of everything and no one would even know I was still there. They had a makeshift set in this large meeting room and about all they had on this set was a sofa and a large kind of futon type bed. They had set up some lights and they even had a video camera on a tripod set up. It did not look anything like I imagine a professional production company would. But then I had never seen any of those sets either, but still, I was certain this was not professional.

One by one, the girls started to come in for the auditions. I quickly learned the plot of their auditions. The first girl came in and she looked good. A tall dark haired girl with a low cut blouse a mini type skirt. She really was one hot looking girl. There were about 4 guys milling around adjusting lights and one was standing over by the video camera. Two guys were seated at a card table that had a couple of clipboards on it. The girl came into the room and was told they needed her to put on a costume since it was important they knew how she looked in it as this was a period piece and it was critical the girl looked good in this particular era's style of clothing. "Hmmmm, I thought to myself, that's not a bad angle". I was getting more suspicious all the time. The girl disappeared into another room and after a while she came back in wearing a strange looking outfit that looked like it was made up of a bunch of scarves sewn together. I nearly fell from my vantage point when I realized in order to wear this outfit she had to be naked under it. This girl had left her panties on and the guy who I decided was playing the director told her she had to remove the panties. After a pause and a questionable look, the girl left and returned without her panties on. I could clearly see her pussy and again, nearly fell from my vantage point. She was instructed to sit on the couch and her co stars would read some of the lines with her.

A rather large black guy approached her and sit down beside her. He launched into his role. "I don't care what they say," he began.

"But Dirk" she responded, "you know the people will never believe you."

"Fuck em," the black guy said "you know you want me." And with that, he reached over to her and pulled her to him and kissed her. While he was kissing her he began to fondle her breasts and started to push the scarves aside to grope her naked breast. She began to struggle and he was all over her like a blanket. All the while he was kissing her he was grabbing and fondling her. He reached down and with relative ease he jammed a couple of fingers up inside her cunt. With that, she jumped to her feet and began muttering something about how sorry she was, that she did not think she was particularly suited for this role. She soon had changed back into her clothes and left.

Several other girls followed and without exception all of these auditions ended the same way. A couple of times they went a little farther, but generally they ended about the same time. One blond made it through the groping of the breast and the finger fucking only to stop the large black guy when he had pulled his cock out and began pushing her legs apart. I found myself wondering how Lisa was going to handle this ordeal.

Soon Lisa came into the room. I have to admit, she was the best looking of all of them. Lisa is about 5'6" tall. Dark hair, and she weighs about 135 or so. She had nice sized tits. With puffy type nipples that stand hard and erect when she gets excited. Her tits do not sag at all and I like to think of them as perky. She has long legs and she always looks great. Today was no exception. She was given the costume and the same story and directed into the other room to change. I cracked up when she came out, because she not only had left her panties on, but her bra too. Because the scarves were see through, these extra garments were obvious the minute she entered. The director guy yelled to her that she was going to have to lose the bra and panties. Then he went about his business as though it was no big deal. Lisa stood there for several minutes as if she was trying to decide if she should leave or go along with it. When she went back into the other room, I would not have been surprised at all to see her come back out in her street clothes, and leave. Lisa is no dummy, but I also knew the desire she had to be a big actress.

She came back out of the room and a couple of the guys kind of gasped. She looked hot. I could clearly see her nipples and they were rock hard. Her cunt was also visible at times and her little tuft of pubic hair only served to make her look all the more enticing. She was directed to sit on the sofa and the scene began. Lisa was trying to keep herself covered with the scarves and was doing fairly well at it. I also noticed the video guy was recording all these alleged scenes. The black guy came to his part where he said "fuck em, you know you want me" and he grabbed Lisa and pulled her to him. I could sense the shock in Lisa as he kissed her. Lisa is from the South and her daddy did not raise her to kiss any black guy.

This I know for sure. She struggled free when the black guy started squeezing her left tit. I thought she was going to leave like the others, but instead she asked the director if this was all necessary in the audition. Still taken with her beauty, the director mumbled something about how it was again critical they knew she could handle the scenes. In particular some of the more critical scenes. "What a bunch of bullshit" I found myself thinking. Lisa sat back down and was again pulled to the black guy. He continued kissing her and quickly grabbed her tits mauling them through the scarves. He pulled the scarves aside and bent down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Lisa stuck to her lines. "Dirk, what will my husband say?"

"Fuck him too," the black guy responded "you know how much you love my black cock." He thrust his hand between Lisa's legs and began poking and prodding to get a finger or two inside of her cunt. Again, Lisa abruptly jumped to her feet and asked the director how this all applied to her role. "Good grief Lisa" I found myself thinking, "she had to realize they were just seeing how far they can go with her". The director mumbled a bunch of junk and I was shocked to see Lisa nodding her head as though this jerk who was supposed to be the director was providing her motivation for the role. She again sat back down and soon found herself impaled by one or maybe more of this black guys fingers. Her legs were spread and I could see him pumping his fingers into her cunt for all he was worth.

"Cut!" yelled the director. Again I nearly fell from my perch. The black guy reluctantly pulled his fingers from Lisa's cunt and I saw they were wet. Lisa promptly sat up at attention on the sofa, quickly rearranging her clothing and closing her legs. The director approached her.

"That was very good Lisa" he said. "Now in this next very critical scene," I want to see how well you capture the mood of the moment." The director turned to the other guy at the card table and muttered something about how perfect he felt Lisa was fitting into the role.

"What a bunch of fucking bullshit" I thought. "I looked at Lisa and I sensed she was completely duped up to this point by this line of bull she was being fed. The director turned to Lisa and walked over to her. "Excuse me just a moment if I may" he said to Lisa. "I just want to check out a few things here to see if we are getting this on camera." He yelled to the guy with the video, "can you get all of this, cause I think Mr. Blandin is going to be very happy with Lisa and I want to be sure we get it all." With that he nonchalantly reached over and pushed the scarves aside and began squeezing Lisa's breasts and nipples.

"I just want to be sure we get close ups for our executive producer so I want to highlight some of the critical areas if you don't mind." He was so matter of fact in his demeanor I almost found myself buying it. "Can you get this Chuck?" He reached down and again pulled the scarves aside and nudged Lisa's legs apart. "Are you getting this, make it a 5 by 5 in this area" he said as he pushed one of his fingers up into Lisa's cunt. He fingered Lisa who sat there as though she was being examined by her doctor, then suddenly he stopped and pulled his fingers out. He had shoved two fingers up into Lisa and I saw both of them dripping when he pulled them out.

"Ok people, lets move on to the next scene and see how Lisa handles it." He pulled Lisa to her feet and was muttering something to her about how important this next scene was. I heard bits and pieces of what he was telling her, about how certain he was she would land the starring role if only she could manage this next critical scene. Lisa asked the what rating this movie would have. "Finally," I thought, "she will wise up that this is a triple X rated movie if it is a movie at all." The director told her they were going to be breaking new ground here and that they were certain it would come in a an R rating, but that this was all necessary since they were going for the reality of the scenes, he said the penetrations and such were not what was important, but her response was the key, because they were striving to capture the essence of the moments or yada yada yada he went on with his line of bullshit. Lisa was eating it with a spoon.

The black guy again came up to Lisa. Both were reading from what looked like scripts. "You can't do this to me you fucking bitch" he said.

"Look, you know I would rather die than do anything to hurt you" Lisa said with emotion. "You're gonna have to prove it" the black guy said. He pushed Lisa down on the couch and stepped up to her as she was seated before him.

"Now go with this Lisa" the director yelled "Let me see the emotion babe" he added. The black guy unzipped his pants. He reached in and pulled his cock out and stood there pumping it back and forth only inches from Lisa's face. Lisa was looking from side to side as if she was looking for a way out. She looked at the director who had moved up with the guy with the video camera to get some close ups. The black guy had his cock hard as a rock and I could see precum oozing from the head of his cock and dripping to the floor. He had a good 8 or maybe 9 inch cock and it was blacker than black. He reached to Lisa's head and clutched a handful of her hair and began pulling her head toward his dripping cock. When it was poised at her mouth he said, "you know you want it bitch" and pulled her face to it. The precum was smearing all over her lips and cheeks as he pumped his cock faster and faster. He banged his cock off her lips several times, until finally she opened her mouth a little. He stopped pumping his cock and with both hands pulled her head forward as he thrust forward with his hips shoving his cock several inches into her mouth. He began pumping her head back and forth on his cock. His cock was going in deeper than I thought possible and I heard Lisa gag on more than one occasion.

"Cut!" yelled the director now only a foot or two away from Lisa's face with the video guy. Abruptly, the black guy pulled his cock out of Lisa's mouth. He pulled it out so fast it made a sucking popping noise. This told me Lisa was really sucking it hard. I think the director scared her as much as he scared the black guy. "That is perfect Lisa" he said. But I want you to remember, we are breaking new ground here and we have to have the emotion show on the camera. He told her that he wanted her eyes to show some fear. "You are trying to get free from this guy he said so you can go home to your husband and kids Lisa." "You know there is only one way and you are not happy about it babe, but you have to convince him you want to do it at the same time." He went back into that bullshit story more and was literally giving Lisa a pep talk. I found myself thinking "this is fucking bullshit. But it is elaborate bullshit".

"Roll em" the director yelled. The black took his place in front of my seated wife and began pumping his cock again. Precum was practically pouring from the end of his black cock. Again he grabbed a handful of Lisa's hair and began rubbing his wet cock all over her pretty face. When he had his cock at her mouth again he grabbed two fistfuls of hair and pulled her head forward forcing his cock deep inside of her mouth. I watched the black guys ass muscles tense each time he thrust his cock into my wives mouth. "Fear but resignation Lisa" the director yelled. "Lets see the eyes babe". Lisa was pushing at the black guys legs as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. He was shoving it farther in her mouth each time. Her eyes were wild and she was looking up at the black guy and over at the director and the camera man then back to the black guy. There was not much she could do in the position she was in except suck his cock. "Cut" the director yelled again. I think the black guy was on the verge of shooting in Lisa's mouth because he held her clutched to him with his cock literally buried all the way in her mouth. His balls were dangling against her chin and his ass was tensing like he was pumping cum into her mouth at that time. "Cut" the director again yelled. The black guy reluctantly released his hold on Lisa's hair and she fell back against the couch gasping for air.

Her eyes were watering and she continued to gasp for air as the director began setting up the next audition scene. I looked for signs of cum in Lisa's mouth and could not tell if the black guy had shot his load or not. I did not remember seeing her gulping like she had swallowed anything, but I could not tell. Lisa finally arranged her clothing and she asked if she could speak to the director privately. "Sure babe" he responded as he brought her over to just under my vantage point. I knew they could not see me and I heard bits of their conversation. "He almost came in my mouth" Lisa said. "They are actors babe. They know how to control themselves. Remember we are going for the response. If by chance one does cum or something, remember to cease the moment and show the emotion. We will cut out the actual insertions and such and capture the magic babe." He went on and on. Lisa began to soften and I again saw the stars reappear in her eyes.

"Ok people, take your places", the director directed. "Lisa honey, page 14 of your script, scene 6 from the top." Lisa sat down on the couch and as if it was all rehearsed, the black guy stepped up and unzipped his pants again and pushed them to the floor, along with his shorts. Lisa leaned forward and gripped his cock and after giving it a couple of pumps held it pointed at her mouth and leaned forward and took nearly three quarters of it in her mouth. He clutched her hair again, and the director yelled "action". The black began pumping deeper and deeper and another black guy approached.

"Hey Mel" the black with his cock buried in my wives mouth said, "you want some of this?"

"Fuckin A," Mel said as he stripped his pants off. "The eyes, Lisa the eyes" the director yelled. "Lets see the emotion". The other black guy stepped up to Lisa jacking his cock off as he approached. He stood on one side of Lisa and reached down and played with her tits and continued to jack his cock at the same time. Lisa's eyes were the size of hubcaps as the one black guy picked up his pace thrusting his cock all the way in her mouth each time. He was pumping it so far into her that his balls were probably bruising her chin. They were swinging back and forth and each time he pulled her head forward he tensed his ass and thrust his cock in deep. He was quite literally fucking my wives mouth. The other black guy who played Mel stood there squeezing her tits and pumping his cock faster and faster.

"I'm gonna shot man" Mel said. "Well use this" the black with his cock in Lisa's mouth said as he pulled his cock out of her mouth with a loud pop. Still clutching her hair her shoved her toward Mels dripping cock. Mel stood there his hand a blur and his ass tensed. "Open your mouth bitch" yelled the black playing Dirk. "Go for the emotion!" yelled the director, "The eyes babe, work the part" Lisa, looking indeed fearful opened her mouth as Mel pumped his cock only inches from her. "Wider bitch" yelled Dirk and he jerked her hair. Lisa opened her mouth as wide as she could. Mel stepped up the remaining distance and began to moan and tense. A virtual rope of cum shot out of the end of Mel's cock and went directly into my wives mouth. Lisa abruptly shut her mouth but it was too late. Mel had scored a direct hit. "Go with it Lisa, play the part" the director yelled.

"Open up" yelled the black guy playing Dirk. Lisa opened her mouth wide again just in time for the next rope of cum to shoot directly into her mouth. I had not seen any cum come out of her mouth, but I saw a lot going in. Mel then thrust his hips forward and clutching Lisa's hair himself he began shoving his cock to the hilt into Lisa cum filled mouth. All the while Mel was pumping cum into Lisa's mouth, the other black guy playing Dirk had been jacking off. "My turn " he yelled and in one fluid motion, Mel pulled his limp wet cock out of Lisa's mouth, and Dirk shoved his in. Before he shoved his cock in I saw Lisa swallow several times. I saw no cum on her face, it had all made it into her mouth. No sooner did the black playing Dirk shove his cock into her mouth than his ass tensed and he began pumping her full of his cum. Lisa was swallowing for all she was worth. "Gulp, gulp, gulp" I thought she would never keep up with swallowing all of it. Only a small amount of cum leaked out the sides of his cock and finally he withdrew his limp and cum coated cock from Lisa's mouth. As Lisa collapsed back on the sofa, the director yelled "cut".

"You were terrific Lisa" the director yelled as he sat down beside her. Almost as if he was patting her leg, he reached over and ran a couple of fingers up in her cunt. Lisa appeared to be exhausted and oblivious to what he was doing to her. All the while he was telling her that he was certain she would get the part he was finger fucking her. Lisa sat there with her head back and in spite of the director finger fucking her I thought she had fallen asleep. Her head was back and her eyes were closed. Every once in a while I noticed she licked her lips and sighed. Her eyes never opened. As the director finger fucked her he undid his pants and pushed them down. All the while he was telling her details of her upcoming part, he was getting into a position between Lisa' outstretched legs. The scarves had been pushed aside and her cunt was quite available. I have never seen anything like it in my life, but the director, having positioned himself between her legs and grabbing his cock and pumping it a few times he slid it into Lisa's cunt. All the time he was fucking my wife he was telling her about the upcoming movie. Soon his ass tensed and he shoved his cock deep into Lisa and filled her with his cum. He was followed by the camera man who handed the camera to the director who continued to capture all this on video. One by one, each of the rest of the guys in the room stepped in between Lisa's legs and fucked her till they all had deposited their cum in her. When the last one stepped away, I could see a river of cum pouring from her cunt.

The director finally helped Lisa to her feet and helped her into the room to change back to her street clothes. A short while later Lisa emerged from the room looking surprisingly normal. As the director walked her to the door he continued to feed her this line about the movie and told her he had her information and would be in touch with her soon. Most of the crew followed them out, and a couple went the other way. I climbed down from my vantage point and calmly removed the video tape from the camera as I too walked out.

I can only imagine what is said when they go to watch this tape. Also it is interesting to me that my lovely wife has only told me that there was a lot more to acting than she ever imagined. She has told me bits and pieces of what happened that day, but she leaves out all the good stuff. Maybe one day I will show her the tape. I have watched it over and over and it gets better each time.
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