The Best Erotic Stories.

by Carl East

Now that is a fantastic sight, I thought as the sun disappeared over the horizon. Probably the last one I would ever see, but I had no regrets, the woman I loved was safe, which is all I cared about.

We had been out for a walk in the Lake District, when we spotted a light high up in the sky. Being a keen UFO observer, I often saw such things in the night sky. Of course most lights can be explained away as mere planes or satellites, some are even planets which just appear low in the sky, then there's your balloon, but sometimes, on rare occasions you would see one of these lights do something that was against the laws of physics. This was one such case, you see the light we were watching hovered about a mile above our heads, and when it did move, it shot across the night sky faster than a bullet then stopped dead.

I knew that this was no plane, satellite or planet. Which left UFO's, at first we were excited to be witnessing our very own UFO, then we got nervous. After watching this phenomenal display for about five minutes, it headed towards us. My first instinct was to back away, which is exactly what we started to do. It, however had other plans, it shot in front of us, then a light appeared around us emanating from below the craft, and we found it impossible to move, believe me when I say it wasn't for the lack of trying.

We found ourselves starting to rise into the air, fully aware of what was going on, but totally powerless to prevent it. Once inside the craft the light was turned off and a small humanoid figure approached us, he/she was wearing some kind of silver suit that covered him/her from head to foot. We were ushered into a small cell with a sliding door that made no sound as it opened and closed. There we were left for about an hour, then a voice could be heard.

"We wish you no harm, we only wish to observe your mating rituals."

I had to laugh, I've heard of these kind of stories before, I just believed them to be the wild fantasies of some sad people, now here we were in one such fantasy.

"We cannot perform under these circumstances." I said, hoping that they would understand.

The door to our cell opened, in came two of the most attractive women I have ever laid eyes on. They were carrying two robes, which they placed on our laps, and then they left without saying a single word.

"Put these robes on." The voice said.

We looked at each other, shrugged, then started to undress. Once we had the robes on they spoke to us again.

"You will each be taken to another room, there you will perform sexual acts, in order that we may observe."

"No, I will not co-operate, if however you allow my wife to leave unharmed, then I will do what ever you ask." I said, feeling braver than I really was.

My wife protested, but held my hand tightly knowing that I was doing it for her.

For a moment there was silence.

"Very well, your wife will be set free."

They kept their word, for shortly after that they released her. Once we had taken back to the sky, I was again told to follow them to another room. Once there the two lovely ladies that had given us the robes earlier greeted me.

"We are to make love to you, so that they can observe the mating ritual." One of them said.

"Are you prisoners also?" I asked.

"No, we are human hybrids, we originated on earth, but were born on another planet."

"So you know nothing of sex, or the mating ritual as you put it."

"No, we wish to learn."

"I'm all for education." I quipped.

When they didn't laugh or smile for that matter, I realised they needed more than sex education.

"Ok, if you could take your clothes off, we can begin." I said.

They removed their garments without batting an eyelid, standing in front of me they looked perfect. I thought that if I had to do this I might as well enjoy it, so we began.

"The first thing you need to learn is foreplay, it helps to get your mate in the right frame of mind." I said, getting into my role.

"I will show you all the things I have learned, then you will be able to seduce any man you desire." I said.

They just nodded, not saying a word.

There was a large round bed in the centre of this room; I asked them to lie on it. Once they were comfortable I took my robe off and joined them.

"The first thing I'm going to teach you ladies, is how to excite a man. By the way what are your names? This too is important in the mating game." I added.

"Our names are Benormatease and Galaditrix." Said Benormatease, pointing first to her then the other.

"Well, I'll call you Norma and Galad." I replied, not wanting to forget their names in the heat of the moment.

"Right Norma, this is my cock." I said, taking my semi-hard cock in my hand.

"What I want you to do is take it in you mouth and gently suck on it." I instructed, with a grin.

"Why?" was her reply.

"It's all a big part in the mating ritual."

She then took my cock into her mouth, slowly sucking my bell-end, I then instructed her to go as deep into her mouth as possible without choking. She was quite good for a novice, but I decided to teach Galad at the same time. I instructed her to join in, and swap it with each other, this she did, and I was in heaven. Lying on my back while they serviced my cock I suddenly thought why should I have all the fun. I told them both to place their legs up nearer to my head, in order that I might finger fuck them while they were doing the deed. They obliged, and I soon had them squealing with pleasure as I buried my fingers into their pussies. By now they were getting very good at sucking my cock, I could feel that it wouldn't be much longer before they got the shock of their lives. They, in turn were starting to get very aroused as their bodies started to writhe with the pleasures they were undoubtedly feeling for the very first time.

"Now Galad, I am about to cum, it is very important that you and Norma lick and swallow every last drop." I said.

I know I'm a rotten bastard, but hey I'm being abducted here, so I might as well enjoy it.

Just then I did start to cum, at first they were a little shocked, as it shot onto their faces, but they soon started to lap it up, both from my cock and from each other's faces. This was probably more due to the fact that they were both experiencing what I would guess was their first orgasm. Their moans of pleasure were being transferred to my cock as they tried to suck every last drop from my balls. I then instructed them both to keep playing with my cock so that it would stay hard. Once I knew it was up to stay, I got Norma to lay on her back then showed Galad what I wanted her to do. Soon I had Galad on all fours licking Norma's pussy. I then positioned myself behind Galad and entered her pussy with my cock. She was in seventh heaven; she started to scream out with the pleasure she was feeling I could well understand her feelings.

I mean she looked about twenty, but if she had never experienced sex before she would now know what she'd been missing for all those years. Norma too was in a state of shock as Galad licked the area I had indicated, namely her clitoris. I started to go fuck a little faster, to which Galad responded with a plea for more. Having fucked Galad for a good thirty minutes now I told them to change places, which they did without hesitation. Then I placed my cock into Norma's wet pussy. She must have thought all her birthdays had come together, for if she had been enjoying the clit licking she loved this. Galad too was surprised at the new sensations she was experiencing. What with their moans of pleasure, the sight and mere thought of fucking these two gorgeous babes was making me go over the edge. I knew I was close so I started to go faster and faster until Norma too was screaming out for more. When I did go I let her have it deep in her womb, I just kept plunging in till I could go no more.

"Cut, and print," said the director.

"That was excellent Jack, you too ladies, take five for now."

The End


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