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An Apology
by Melody Lane

A warm summer evening, sitting out on the porch, awaiting your arrival. Dinner, ready, being kept warm in the over. Growing impatient, as you are late, as usual. After, putting away the food, and blowing out the burned down candles, I settle onto the couch, angry, and await a good fight.

When you come in, shortly after, you tell me very apologetically that you got held up. You walk over to me, and bend over to give a kiss, which I turn my head to. Then you know, yet another fight! I get up, walking away from you, to the kitchen, getting a drink. You come after me, giving further details of why you were late. I continue to ignore you, but listening, and forgiving you all the while. However, not wanting you to know how completely you have me, wrapped around your little finger.

You come, and wrap your arms around me, whispering in my ear, that you're sorry, and it'll never happen again. I smile, and think to myself, 'yeah right.' I go to move away from you, again, and you hold onto me tighter. I try to say very seriously, to let me go, but can't help but to giggle a little. The grin that appears on your face, is one that can't help to express all the devilish thoughts coursing through your mind. I know it all to well, and a similar grin, surfaces on my own face. I press up against you, no doubt that you could feel my nipples stiffen through the thin material of my yellow sundress. I reach up, kissing your neck, my breath warm, and moist, as I whisper in your ear to feel underneath of my pretty dress.

Your hand drops down from my back, firmly caressing my ass, as you pull up my dress, revealing, my bare bottom. I feel your cock stiffen, as you slide your hand between my legs, noticing my clean shaven pussy. I again whisper softly into your ear, how I had done it just for you. As you continue to feel my pussy, sliding your finger between my smooth lips, you kiss me -- long, deep, and passionately, pushing me up against the wall, while you do. You pull the dress over my head, and kiss down my warm flesh. Pausing, at my breasts, sucking on them, taking them between your teeth, and pulling; making them hard, before you move further down. You kiss down my stomach, and arrive at my pussy. Kissing that skin, sliding your tongue out and over it.

Just hardly touching, then you gently slip your tongue between the moist lips. Your tongue moves to my clit, where you flick at it, before sucking it into your mouth, driving me wild. As you do this, I take my breasts in my hands, twisting the nipples, keeping them hard and upright for you. As you suck on my clit, your tongue darting at it, from inside your mouth, I feel your hand move up my thigh, and then feel your fingers slide into me. A shiver goes up my back, as I tighten, and cum. You take long licks, cleaning me up. You kiss back up the length of my body, and kiss me again, hard and deep. Exploring my mouth, and sharing my taste. I move my hands, to unzip your pants, wanting to get that nice long hard cock out of its constraints. I pull it out, carefully, sliding it along those wet lips, and then pushing it into me.

You move your hands to my ass, and lift me up against the wall, as you slowly work your way, further into my tight young pussy. I put my head on your shoulder, gently biting down, and moaning softly in your ear. The air is chilling, and with each cool breeze goose bumps appear on my skin, intensifying each thrust. I grab onto your back, and wrap my legs around you, anticipating. I clench around you, inside and out, and scream for you to cum. I'm shaking, yes, convulsing, and moaning louder and louder, as I orgasm, wanting you to, yes, deep inside of me. My cunt contracting again and again on your cock, pumping it for its cum. You do, filling me up, and causing multiple orgasms.

When you let go, I slowly melt to the floor, and say, 'you're forgiven.' Smiling, contentedly.

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