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Adventures of Adam - Day 1
by Xander

I felt set aside. Though surrounded by friends and generally having a good time, I felt set aside.

I know it was my birthday and I was supposed to be thrilled by finally hitting the big one-eight. But as I let my eyes wander to my friends I couldn't help wanting what they had right there.

Dennis & Juliet. They fell in love just 6 months ago, and they obviously still has that same heat between them. Not to mention Frankie & Johnny. They found each other back when we were only 15, and they're still together. Only Christine and me was the single ones at this party. Ironically enough I've had a crush on Christine since the day she developed breasts. And that is quite some years ago now.

Christine was sitting and chatting with Juliet looking more stunning than ever. A perfect mixture of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mädchen Amick. I shook my head a little. Damn.

Why have you never said anything to her? You might ask. Good question. I have never had the courage to tell her. And she is usually always involved with some guy. And I'm always deadly jealous on the lucky bastard.

But Christine has always been a very good friend and she has always treated my nice. Which quite often makes things a little more difficult for me. It's hard not to like her when she's always so damn sweet.

The party went on, and for a moment there I forgot all about my self-pity, and just had fun. My father broke open a few bottles of wine for us, and since most of us weren't used to drink, quite a few of them got a little drunk.

I was acting out my role as sober guy, keeping a look out on things. But to tell the truth I would rather have been shitfaced and silly. But hell, I got some great laughs out of watching the others.

Around midnight the party broke up and people starting to go home. Dennis & Juliet couldn't get out of the door fast enough. I suspect that Dennis had triggered Juliet's horny side, and he looked like he couldn't wait to get his hands on her firm body. Well, at least there's one of the gang who gets lucky tonight. Well, make that two.

Johnny went by me, carrying Frankie. She had obviously had way to much and was unable to walk by herself. She was giggling in his arms. A kind of drunken giggle.

Johnny didn't seem to mind and congratulated me on the party.

As I went back to the living room I saw that Christine was still there. Just the two of us.

"Well, Adam. It's official." I looked at her a little confused. She smiled. "You give great parties." I went over and sat beside her. "Thanks Chris." An embarrassing moment of silence followed. "Aren't you supposed to go home." I asked, feeling I had to say something. "Why? Do you want me to go?" She was teasing me. I shook my head. "No, I don't." Suddenly Christine moved over and hugged me. "happy birthday Adam." I seriously didn't know what to do. She was hugging me tightly and I could feel my dick coming to life.

"I know your secret Adam." She said, still with her arms around me. "Wha...what are you talking about." I stuttered. She gave me a squeeze and let go. "I know how you feel about me." Okay, what does one do now. "You do?" She nodded. "But I don't know how long it has been your secret." Oh God, my hands started shaking. "I eh......" I had absolutely no idea of what to do now. "tell me." She urged. "Please tell me for how long." I sighed and looked down at my hands. If I was going to jump right into troubled waters. This day was as good as any.

"Since your 13th birthday." My voice no louder than a whisper. She didn't say anything and I was too afraid to look at her.

Finally she spoke. "Oh my God. You've walked around for 5 years keeping this inside you?" I just nodded, still not looking up. I sighed again. "You were not supposed to know about it. How did you find out?" Her hands went to my face and forced me to look her way. Then she kissed me. A soft loving and gentle kiss. "It doesn't matter. What matters is I know." I was speechless. The thrill of her knowing, and the kiss had set my mind as well as my body on fire. "A more pressing matter is the question: What do we do now?" I looked at her, more confused than ever. "What do you mean?" She let out a little giggle.

"Listen Adam. You're sweet, good looking and I love you a lot. But you're not too bright." That statement threw me totally off guard. "You love me???" She kissed me again. "Yeah, you fool, I love you. A lot." This time it was my turn to kiss her. We meet in the most wonderful long and passionate kiss I've ever felt.

Just at that moment my father entered the room. "Well well well son. Aren't we busy today." We hastily broke our kiss and looked up in my fathers grinning face. I love my father a lot but at that moment I could have thrown something really heavy at him.

I quickly got up. "C'mon Chris. I'll take you home."

"Yeah, I bet you will." My father commented. I gave my dad the stare, and he threw his hands up in the air. "Okay okay okay. Can't an old man tease his off spring anymore." I was to happy to ague with him, so I just took Christines hand and left the house.

There were silence in the car. Christine was leaning against me, resting her head on my shoulder. Her sweet scent teased me and the feel of her body against mine was more than enough to set my hormones on fire. Christine rubbed her body against me which caused a raging erection that was almost painful. She let her hand slide over the inside of my thigh, teasing me even more. My hard on was making my pants stand up like a tent. I tried to hide my lust for her. But I tell you. It's no easy task in a car.

Christine didn't say anything. She just continued to caress my body. I was breathing rapidly now. Not really sure how I should make my next move. Fact was that I wanted Christine like I never wanted anything before. I wanted to do all those things I only had dreamed about with her. To taste her, lick her, fucking her. Damn!! Get a grip on yourself.

I was brought back to reality by a soft lick on my neck. My heart jumped a beat.

"Stop the car Adam." I did as she told me, maybe even a little more roughly than normal. I turned towards her. Shaking like a leaf in a storm. "Do you want me??" I nodded. "Oh yeah. I want you so bad it hurts." Christine leaned forward and we kissed passionately, letting our tongues play in each others mouths. Her hands went to my belt and she unbuttoned my pants. "Not much room for excitement here." She stated matter of factly. I swallowed hard. Finally her hand went around my dick, sending electrical bolts through my body. I moaned. She gently started stroking me, making my body tense up in pleasure. After a few minutes she asked. "Is it good." I was shaking with lust. "Oh yeah, please don't stop." She stopped. "Wha...??" She placed a finger on my lips. "This is better." I watched like in slow motion her head nearing my dick. Her tongue played over the head in just all the right places. Right there I could have died happy. She slowly engulfed my dick, taking as much as she could in her mouth. I could feel her tongue circle around my erection. This was a dream. I've had girls giving me head before. But by God this was unbelievable. The girl I've secretly loved through all my teenage years was giving my the blowjob of a lifetime. I don't know where she learned it. Or if she was just a natural. Nor did I care. This was a dream come true.

I grabbed her firm breasts, teasing the nipples. They felt better than I'd ever imagined.

I was about to explode, I couldn't stand against her tongue treatment anymore. "Chris I'm going to......." She just intensified her sucking. Deep throating me. I exploded and shot my cum in her mouth. She locked her lips around my dick, milking me completely. And Incredibly enough, she didn't spill a drop.

I collapsed against the car door, completely drained.

Christine licked her lips and sat up. "I was right wasn't I. That was much better."

I really couldn't ague against that. "But you didn't get anything out of it Chris."

She smiled. "That's where you're wrong. Besides we're not finished yet."

To be continued...

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