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Arthur and Dad
by BigMan

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

The cigar tube began to slowly back out of my butt as I stood there facing my father with a raging hard-on. I felt it plop out of my butt and it made my dick jerk. It hit the floor and rolled against my foot. I was praying for the floor to open up and swallow me. Then dad started talking to me. He understood the need to jerk off, he did it almost everyday himself, but why did I have to stick something up my ass. Was I a sissy, was I gay, what in the world was I doing with something up my butt. I couldn't say anything. He finally got up in my face and said "Answer me... Are you gay boy?"

I stammered out that I wasn't, and that this was the first time I had ever thought of anything like this. When he asked what brought it on, I sure wasn't gonna tell him about the park, so I just said I was curious, I had heard that some people liked it and so I wanted to see what it felt like. He asked me if I had ever let anyone fuck me in the ass and I told him absolutely not. I felt kinda strange standing there with a still pretty hard dick. I started to reach for something to cover up with and he told me to stop.

He came over and stood in front of me checking out my dick. He said he hadn't realized how much of a man I had become. He started asking me personal questions like, how much did I masturbate, had I slept with Judy (my girl), had I fucked her ass, did she blow me and all this stuff. I was pretty embarrassed. He told me to relax, that now that I was a man, we could talk about such things. Then the shocker happened. He reached out and grabbed my dick. He just kinda laid it in is palm and hefted it and then reached under for my balls and rolled them around and all the while talking. I didn't hear much, my head (and my dick) were spinning. He told me I was bigger than my brothers, and thick like he was. He was proud of me.

My dick did the unexpected... it got harder. He chuckled and grasped around it and kinda gave it a few pulls. "Yep", he said "just like your old man, always ready." With that, he pulled the fly of his boxers open to reveal his dick. Still holding and jerking me, he reached in with his other hand and pulled himself out. He started asking questions again. Did I like blowjobs, did I wanna fuck Judy's ass, and did I want a cock up my ass some time. I answered yes, yes and no. All the while he is still giving me a kinda lazy handjob, and stroking himself. When I told him no, I didn't want to have a cock in my ass he asked why?

I just sputtered. He said that sometimes guys liked that stuff even when they weren't gay. Girls liked to play with your ass sometimes and shoot, sometimes something up there just felt good, as I had just discovered. He said he liked to have a finger or two up his now and then, it was just extra pleasure. His dick was getting harder and I could see he was probably bigger than me when erect. He noticed me looking and asked if I had ever jerked another guy off. I just got red and sputtered something about me and Bill and Colin when we were young checking each other out. He let go of his dick and grabbed my wrist and then pulled my hand towards his dick.

"Well, let's see if you can get this thing all the way hard." He laughed and put my hand on his dick and wrapped his fingers around mine and began stroking. I hadn't done this to a guy since I was pretty young, so that was embarrassing enough, but this was my father. He was rubbing the precum from my tip and using it to coat his hand, and he began jacking me for real. He asked me to do the same. He was talking about guys and how when you gotta get off you gotta get off and he thought it was okay for us to help each other. I couldn't believe I was aroused. Why didn't my cock just shrivel up and die. But it didn't, and I sure didn't want him to stop in some weird way.

Now he asked how I liked that cigar tube up my butt and did it feel pretty good. I was relaxing now and not so shocked and admitted that I felt okay, but he interrupted me before I really had a chance to feel much. He let go of me, reached down and picked up the tube. He took a towel I had on the bed, and wiped the tube off. He asked me what I used to lube it and I showed him the container of oil. He looked at me and then dipped the tube in the oil and said that we were gonna finish what I started. He told me to grab hold of my dick and keep jacking, and to bend forward so he could put it back in my ass. I just stood there. He said if I really wanted to know, here was the perfect opportunity and it was safe with him helping me.

I put my dick in my fist and began to pump a little and I leaned forward. I felt the tip of the tube at my asshole. I kinda jumped, it was cold. My dad just kinda rubbed it on my rectum and then dipped it back in the oil. Then I felt him place it back on my asshole and he pushed a little. It just slid right in. I almost passed out. It felt really good, and I was so hard and this was my dad, and shit it just felt good. He pulled it right back out and up against my butt again. He asked me if I liked it. Oh yeah, I sure did. He pushed it in again and this time more than an inch went in. He just kinda stroked it back and forth a little each time it got deeper. I went to work on my cock. I was ready to shoot some serious cum. Dad worked it in and out of my ass and soon, I was uncaring about anything except the feeling in my cock. I could tell it was pretty much all the way in by now. It was really exciting me.

All of a sudden Dad stopped and pulled it out. I just kept on beating my meat intent on an orgasm. Dad put his hand on my back and pushed me forward some more. I figured he was gonna stick it in again. What I felt next against my bum hole was not cold, it was warm and felt completely different. I gasped and started to look around. Dad told me to lean forward some more and keep stroking. I felt a pushing at my ass and knew this wasn't the tube. He kept pushing and I felt my ass starting to stretch open. It had to be his cock. I stopped, panicked thinking about his big dick up there. He told me to relax, that the tube had opened me up and I would be fine.

Now the tube was not small, like some cigars, it was pretty fat, the tube was at least an inch around, but I knew dad was at least two. I was clenching down hard trying to keep that thing out of my ass. All of a sudden, dad smacked my ass hard. I jerked and when I came backwards his dickhead was lodged in my ass. Man was this different. I couldn't breathe. I was scared to move. It felt huge!!! I just stood there feeling my ass stretched out. It hurt, but not real bad. Dad told me to start jacking off again, and just concentrate on orgasm. I grabbed my cock again and started pumping again in earnest.

After a minute I felt my dad start rocking back and forth trying to put a little more in me. By now I wasn't worried about pain, I was just feeling sensation and as he buried deeper and went past my prostate, I started to feel really good. I was stroking my dick and dad started to really fuck me now. Not rough, just getting a good rhythm going. I wanted to howl. Damn, it felt so freaking good, and the thought of it being my father with his dick up my butt just shot lightning through me.

I was getting close and from the grunts my father made, I knew he was too. Finally I reached the point of no return and let out a yelp as cum started to fly out the tip of my dick. I kept pumping and shooting what felt like gallons and just as I was coming down, I heard a groan from dad and I felt his cock plow into me, stop, throb and then dad was shooting up into the depths of my rectum. I was still hard and still pumping as he shot into me. He was buried balls deep and my cum was splattered all over the rug in front of me when I heard the door open. Oh shit, there was mom.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by BigMan.

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