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Arthur and Dad
Pt. II: Mom & My New Girl
by BigMan

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I arrived at the laundromat, and found it quiet this time of morning. Just one other guy with his clothes in the dryer. I loaded my clothes, then grabbed a car mag and sat down to read. It was hard to concentrate. I kept thinking and rolling around the events of the last 36 hours in my head. The guy left and I was alone. I was also horny again. I began to rub my cock thru my pants, thinking of how it had been in a strange guys ass, my moms mouth, cunt and asshole all in 36 hours. Not to mention having my fathers cock up my butt twice. I felt I should feel bad somehow, but I didn't.

It was so nice to wake up between them, kiss my moms nipple and get a blowjob to start the day. Plus getting to watch my folks fuck. It just seemed so normal. I loved them even more. How great was life gonna be with built in sex at home. Or, would they have a talk and say its been fun, but no more. Naw, they were too cool now, they seemed okay, I mean look at this morning. I started thinking about getting home and what would happen. I really wanted to feel dad inside my ass again. I was really sore, but I just wanted that sensation again. I wanted to be up mom's shittube again. I had been rubbing, and was now pretty erect. I am sitting in the back of this laundry all alone, so why not...

I whip my hard, been inside all my moms holes, dick out and begin to jack it. I was feeling pretty good and realized I was close to cumming, so I stood up and with the magazine in front of my fly, I walked over to the sink and got some paper towels to shoot into. I sat back down and picked up where I left off. I thought I wanted a blowjob from Jean when this all started, but now I was thinking of being deep down moms throat. As I neared release, A woman comes in. Shit, I don't wanna stop. She chooses a machine about halfway down. She is hot of course. Couldn't be a dog to help this hard go down... oh well, she has tight short cutoffs on.

I start to fantasize about sticking my hardon in her asshole. Rubbing it against her cutoffs as I reach around to pinch her nipples, then undo those shorts, pull them down as I continue to rub my dick against her silk panties . I reach around and put my hand down her panties and finger her cunt. Is she hairy, trimmed or shaved? Finally I pull her panties down bend her over and stick my knob in her pussy. I thrust in a few times and move in circles as she moans. Then I take my wet dick out and push against her tight clenched asshole. She cries out for me to stop, but it is too late, my cockhead is inside her sphincter now and I need to feel my dick all the way up to my balls.

I move forward a bit, then back, and forward again about an inch deeper. Oh shit, real life takes over and my hand has been stoking me to orgasm. I grab the towels, put them over my dick and begin to shoot my wad. I try to be still and quiet. The girl is still loading her clothes and the machine starts up, so I let go a loud breath. She puts her basket on top of the machine and heads this way to sit down. Awww shit, my dick is wrapped in paper towels full of cum and there is no way to put it in if she sits down back here. Well I have no choice but to try and head out the back with the mag over me and get myself back together. She sits down and looks over to say hi. She talks about the heat and other inane things and I kinda grunt back.

She asks what I am reading and reaches for the mag. I kinda turn it to her, still keeping my dick out of site, hopefully. She asks what cars are featured this month, and I say I haven't really started reading it yet. She says she'll check it out. Just like that the magazine is in her hands and mine are over the paper towels that cover my cum-covered dick. I stand up, say excuse me and rush out the back door. Outside, I pull the towels off my dick and try to wipe up. I am about done when the door opens and there I am with my limp dick in my hand. The girl has the magazine in her hand and her eyes on my cock. She continues to stare, and then laughs and pulls her tank top off. God, what beautiful breasts. Perfect size. Not to big, but plenty to put in my hand. Gorgeous nipples, hard already, too. She says its hot and if I can air out my dick, then she can get a breeze on her breasts.

I tell her no complaints. We laugh and talk a few, and I admit that she is right, I was whacking off when she came in. We talk some more, and I am now getting hard again. Her name is Sammi, and she tells me she loves sex. She loves cock, and wants to suck mine. Oh yeah right... I believe this. I gotta be dreaming. Sammi is squatting I front of me now and when her mouth hits my rod, I start believing. She is good. Not as good as my mom, but plenty good enough... She pays attention to my balls and is getting me pretty worked up. One hand is playing with her breasts. She is pinching those beautiful nipples over and over. I thought they were hard before, but now they are bullets. I mean they are really long. They stick out an inch I bet. I tell her I want to cum on them, but she says it will be too messy. She continues to blow me and as I start to cum I warn her. She just reaches for my balls and clamps her lips down tight as I start to shoot. Good girl, she swallows it all. She continues to give me head as she swallows my load and finally she lets go of my limp but satisfied dick. As she stands up, she pauses to lick my nipples. She licks and then begins to nip at them. As they get hard, she actually bites one. I jump pretty hard. She just laughs and licks the other one.

Then biting that one, too. I push her away a bit, but she just laughs and keeps trying to bite them. I notice she is pinching her nipples pretty hard now. I start to tickle her hoping she will quit trying to bite me. It works. She asks if I will do something for her. Of, course I will. She asks me to suck her nipples. No problem here, I lean down and take the first one in my mouth, I lick them and revel at how big they are in my mouth. I begin to nip at it, and she is moaning big time. I move to the other one and give it the same treatment. I nip this one a bit harder and she just moans loudly. She asks me to bite them. I bite the one in my mouth and put my fingers on the other and pinch it hard. She is obviously liking this. I bite it harder and she just goes nuts. Harder she asks, so I really bite down on this and keep the pressure on. She takes her fingers and presses down on my fingers clamped on her long nipple. I pinch harder and continue to keep the one in my mouth under pressure. All of a sudden she cries out and begins to shake. Wow, I am impressed. She came just from that.

She finally puts on her top and helps me load my dick back in my pants and zips me up. We head in to put our clothes in the dryer. While they dry we talk. She is totally open and tells me all kinds of stuff about her sexually. I tell her I just discovered I love to have my dick up an ass. She loves to be reamed. More and more we talk. When she tells me she always wanted to do it with another couple, I get a bright idea. I ask her if age matters. No, of course not, just as long as they are in reasonable shape and clean. She is coming home with me. I'm not sure how it will go over, but I am praying we can get with mom and dad. If not, well it will be just us. Of course I don't tell her it's my mom and dad, just a couple I know who are pretty open. Finally the clothes are dry. Her hand has been in my lap for a while and I proudly sport my hardon as we leave, just waiting to get it up her chute.


We reach the house and head for the living room. I tell her to relax, while I go see if anyone is here. No one in the house. I head out back and there are mom and dad, just relaxing by the pool. I tell them about Sammi and how she wants to be with another couple. Are they game? Dad is all for it, but mom is a bit more reserved. She says we have taken a big step, this is kinda moving a bit fast. Maybe we need to wait before getting into something more. I tell them I am fine with it all, and very happy with how things happened. Dad agrees that if this girl is open and so are we, then no problem. I go back in to let them hash it out. I get a juice for Sammi and we sit down to talk. Her hand goes straight for my dick as we talk. Before I even get all the way hard, she has it out and is giving me a lazy handjob as we talk. I lift her top and let my fingers do the talking on her big long nipples. We stop talking and the clothes come off. She leans over and takes me in her mouth. I lie back for a few, just savoring the feel of my new erection. I reach over and rub her buttcheeks and slide my hand down between her legs. She is soaked. I just gotta taste her. I can smell her, and she smells so good.

I slide under her and put my head between her legs. The heat is blasting from her. By the way, she is shaved clean as a baby... YUM. I touch the tip of my tongue to her clit. She moans around my cock and takes me deeper. I begin to lick all around and chew on her lips hanging down towards me. Finally I lap up the juices at her hole. She tastes wonderful. I stick my tongue in and she presses down against me. I feel like I am gonna smother. I stick two fingers in her pussy and begin to fingerfuck her as I lick her clit. My other hand reaches around her legs till it presses against her assbud. I rub and put pressure there and I can tell she likes it. I take my other finger and press it inside her asshole to get some pussy juice in there. Then I dip it back in her pussy and put the other finger in her ass. All of a sudden I feel her finger at my asshole. She has wet it, and it slides in. Man it hurts tho. I am really sore back there. I think she can feel I am not easy with this. Next thing I know she is licking down my shaft , over my balls and puts her hot tongue on my ass hole. Wow what a sensation. She continues to lick my asshole and finally is sticking her tongue in. I have ceased licking her clit, but have fingers in both her holes. All I can feel is that tongue up my shithole.

I hear a sound and see two pair of legs standing beside us. I hear my mom say "Hi, don't stop what you're doing, but may we join in?" Sammi looks up and tells them hi back and have at it, then starts licking my ass again. My mom removes my fingers from Sammi's cunt, and begins to feel around. She is rubbing Sammi's clit and dipping in and out of her dripping cunt. Right in front of my face. I look between our bodies and see dad kneeling on the couch in front of Sammi's face, slowly pulling on his semi-erect cock. Sammi has quit licking my asshole and is sticking her finger back in. Much better. It feels good now. Dad continues wanking his dick, and Sammi leans forward to suck it. That's all I can see. Sammi is fingering my ass, and then reaches in an grabs my dick. I feel her rocking above me as she throats my dad and fucks back on my moms finger in her cunt and mine in her ass. We stay like this a minute and then Sammi sits up.

I introduce her to Naomi and George, and we make small talk for a few minutes. Mom suggests we go upstairs on the bed to get more comfortable. Needless to say, we do. We climb on the bed, and dad and I kind of sandwich the girls. They turn to each other and begin to explore. Sammi is up against me and I reach down and insert 3 fingers in her cunt as I kiss her neck. Mom has moved down to Sammi's bullets and is sucking them. Dad has leaned over and is frenching Sammi. Sammi has her hands on moms tits as mom sucks hers. Sammi asks her to bite them, mom complies. I can feel Sammi's cunt clutch my fingers hard. Mom is starting to rock into us, so I guess dad is in a hole fucking her. Sammi is moving hard against my fingers and asks me to put all of them in. I am afraid of hurting her. She assures me I won't.

Mom says she has the perfect thing for us. George she says, get the lube. Dad opens a drawer and pulls out some stuff. I put some on her cunt and some on my fingers. I put all five in her, and mom goes back to sucking her nipples as dad fucks her. Sammi is pressing back against me hard. My fingers are sliding deeper into her. I cannot believe how she is taking it. She pushes back more and I feel my whole hand beginning to slip up inside her. Man, I am going nuts feeling this. Finally my whole hand slips in and Sammi moans for me to fuck her, please fuck her. So I start fucking her with my hand and part of my arm inside her. I can feel her cervix in my fingers, I am so fucking deep.

Mom is still attached to her tits and Sammi is begging for her to bite hard. Dad is groaning, and mom rolls over him, still connected, to open the drawer and pulls out ... chip clips. You know those things that you put on open chip bags, only these are smaller. She rolls back over and clips one onto one of Sammi's nipples. I lean over to look. My arm is still up her cunt, and I watch mom clamp the other one on. Sammi begins to rock really hard on my hand and arm, and mom reaches to rub Sam's clit. She goes nuts then. Really hollering now and riding my arm. Mom pulls on the clips, and Sammi lets out another yell. She begins to cum. I can feel fluid all over my hand and arm now as her cunt contracts around me. She keeps riding and riding and hollers again and goes limp. Dad is bucking hard against mom and he lets out a groan and cums too.

We rest a moment, and mom gets up over Sammi and goes down on my swollen member. Sammi scoots toward dad and then he pulls her pussy up to his face. She takes his limp dick in her mouth and gently sucks on it. Mom gets up and straddles my hips and guides my dick straight to her heavenly pussy. As she sinks down, I feel how wet she is, Dad must've cum in her pussy. I am fucking my mom with my dads cum all over my cock now. Mom is riding me hard and reaches over to pinch my nipples. Damn it feels good. Sammi sits up and takes the clamps off her nipples squealing as they come out of her flesh. I can see the lines they bit into her.

My nipples are erect now and she leans over and tries to clamp one on. As she lets go, it really hurts, and then slips off over the tip of my nipple. I yell, it hurts. My nipple has gotten even bigger. She tries again. I tell her to stop, but she tells me it will make my dick harder. She lets go and the pain shoots thru me and sends a lightning bolt to my cock. They pinch my other nipple harder and harder and when it gets bigger they clamp that one. I yell again, but man it goes straight to my dick. I am pumping furiously up into mom. She is frigging her clit and fucking back at me. My balls are almost going inside her. I feel that familiar feeling and get ready to shoot. Sammi leans over to kiss me and just as I start to shoot, mom yells "now" and they pull on the clamps the pain is intense and again it goes straight to my groin. I pump my seed up into my mothers cunt as I cum more and more. I feel moms cunt clutch at me as she cums, I just keep pumping up at her as every last bit of fluid in my body shoots into her sweet twat. I think I must've passed out. It seemed like I came forever. When I regained my senses, mom was sliding off my dick, cum oozing out onto my cock and balls.

Sammi was rocking on dads face now, he had two fingers stuck up her ass as he ate her. Mom reaches up and positions the clamps back on Sammi's nipples and I am amazed at how flat it clamped at the base and then those long nipples were caught up inside the clip. Sammi began to cum, and finally collapsed on top of dad. She lay there for a minute , and then looked up and asked if anyone remembered to bring up her juice. Mom said we all needed something, and went downstairs to get us drinks. Sammi lay between us, a hand on each of our cocks. I was totally limp, but dad was starting to get a bit of an erection. Sammi asked if we thought we would get hard anytime soon as she wanted us to fuck both her holes.

Dad and I just laughed and told her to give us a bit and we would be glad to oblige her. Mom arrived with drinks and warm washcloths. We slaked out thirst and cleaned up, and made small talk for awhile. I was in heaven. Sammi's hand stayed wrapped around my cock, and at times she would gently jack it, but there was no urgency, just a delicious feeling. I was pretty sure that soon we would be at it again, but for now I was content to just enjoy the feeling of her hand and the closeness of my mom and dad. I kept thinking it couldn't get better, but then deep down I was sure it would.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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