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Alice: A Fantasy
by Meredith Ohney

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He moved his mouth sensuously all over her ass and down the backs of her legs. She had just the faintest hint of cellulite dimples, which endeared her to him all the more. Her slight imperfections only accentuated her regal beauty. He finally pulled her panties down to her ankles and she stepped gracefully out of them. Then he nuzzled her delicious thighs, the backs of her knees and her wonderful calves. God, how he loved her glorious calves. He arose at last, moved back around to face her and again knelt before her. He again planted his face between her, located the cleft of Venus and tentatively slipped his tongue inside through the dense tangle of hair guarding the entrance. In, and then out and then in again. How delicious she is, he thought. He moved his tongue delicately her secret chamber, probing her intimate recesses until she finally pushed him away.

"Wait just a moment, honey," she said, her voice sultry with her mounting desire. "I want to sit on you while you do that. That s what you want, isn t it?"

He nodded and she went into her bedroom. She emerged carrying a pillow, placed it on the floor beside him, and indicated for him to lie down.

He lay down on his back at her feet and adjusted the pillow under his head. She stood over him and placed her elegant foot on his chest while gazing directly down into his eyes. Then she moved it deliberately forward onto his throat and then up over his face. She caressed his face with the sole of her foot and he ardently licked it, filling her arch with his tongue. Next she inserted her big toe into his mouth. He sucked on it greedily, delighting in the sensation of the fleshy pad on his tongue and the hard toenail pressing against his palate. He sucked all of her toes in their turn, running his tongue carefully between each of them and along the groove separating them from the ball of her foot. He lay on his back looking up in pure adoration at his goddess, exulting in her domination over him.

Presently she removed her foot from his face and stood astride him briefly with her hands balanced provocatively on her hips. He caressed her sensational calves with his hands for several moments and then applied light, but steady pressure against them, urging her to sit down. Slowly and very deliberately she lowered herself upon him. Planting her pussy squarely over his mouth and her buttocks firmly on his upper chest, she mounted her man and cradled his head between her magnificent thighs. He groaned with pleasure under her weight as she settled down upon him.

"Alice," he croaked, "this is wonderful. I love it so and I love you."

"I know you do, lover," she cooed. "I m really happy to do this for you. And it s great fun for me, too. I love dominating you like this."

He began licking her soft, furry mount of Venus until it was thoroughly wet. Next he tongued her outer labia, mouthed the moist, hanging curtains of her inner lips, then and inserted first his nose and then his tongue into the deep tunnel they guarded. He loved her viscous, musky flavor and the delicate fragrance emanating from her wonderful sanctuary a heady blend of raw fish and freshly cut cucumber. Moistening her with his saliva, his tongue probed everywhere inside the exquisite citadel of her sexuality. Becoming bolder, he entered as far into her vagina as he could until his tongue ached from the strain. He withdrew it, then inserted it once again.

No longer able to bear the cramping in his tongue, he withdrew it and began to lick the small opening to her urethra. He searched for, and eventually found the elusive clitoris that lay tucked away beneath its soft, fleshy hood. Running his tongue in small, delicate circles, he licked his mistress s clit and the soft tissue enfolding it and soon felt it gradually become erect under his loving ministrations. When his tongue had sufficiently recovered, he reintroduced as deeply as he could into her vagina and began working it rhythmically in and out. She quickly rewarded him with a copious flow of thick vaginal secretions. Eagerly he drank in her delicious dew, gratefully absorbing her essence as deeply as he could. Back and forth slid his delighted tongue between her clit and vagina, with frequent side excursions throughout her chamber of love. He explored every nook and cranny - a slow and highly intense journey of discovery and desire. Her flow increased and his face and chest were soon soaked with her love juices.

Deliriously happy, he feasted on her for a long time. She sat there half mesmerized, gazing adoringly down at him as he worked while running her fingers lightly through his hair and gently stroking his brow. The she gripped his head tightly between her thighs and started rocking slowly back and forth upon him. As her excitement rose, the intensity of her rocking increased and her breathing became deeper and more rapid. Suddenly she rode him high, covering his face with her groin. He felt her buttocks resting lightly on his throat and immediately thrust his body upward to intensify that exquisite contact. As she hovered just above him, he licked her perineum from her pussy to her asshole, and pressed his face against her inner thighs. Then she again settled back down on his chest.

Her passion quickened and she began grinding her loins into his face while moaning softly in her throat. Then she grasped his hair in her hands and pulled his head forcefully into her crotch. He worked her clit feverishly now, eager to pleasure her. Her passion mounted quickly and she repeatedly thrust herself vigorously into his face. She bucked and up and down on him now, holding his head tightly in place with her hands and thighs literally fucking him in the face. Her weight nearly crushed him each time she rose and fell back on his body. Her eyes were glazed and a small cascade of spittle drooled from one corner of her mouth and ran down her chin. Then she climaxed violently as her love juices fluids out all over his face, throat and chest.

"Oh, God!" she cried out.

He was drenched in her vaginal juices. Her felt her body shudder as she climaxed in wave after wave as he continued to lick her fully engorged clit. He was thrilled that she came in his mouth like this. He loved being the source of such intense pleasure for the magnificent creature who rode him so expertly. If he were restricted to a single sexual act for the rest of his life, it would be to lie underneath this woman just like this and service her in any way she desired.

"That's enough, honey," she said finally, lifting herself slightly off his face. "It's getting a little too intense."

He withdrew his tongue, and she sat back down on him again. God, how he loved feeling her weight bearing down on his body. He lovingly kissed her crotch and inner thighs while she sat quietly, her enchanting eyes overflowing with gratitude and dare he even think it? perhaps even love for the adoring man beneath her.

"Let me go back inside you, Alice," he implored her. "I'll stay away from your clit. I just want to feel my tongue inside you again."

She nodded her assent, and he gently invaded her once again. Gently he caressed the front wall of her vagina with his tongue. Suddenly her body began to spasm. She shuddered violently and began to climax again - but differently this time, it seemed to him. He was suddenly startled - and thrilled - when she released a stream of strong urine onto his tongue. He held her exquisite gift in his mouth for a while, savoring its smoky, metallic, salty flavor. Then he let the wonderful elixir run slowly down his throat. It was an unexpected and delightful treat which added real tang and zest to his experience. He wondered if she knew what she had just done for him

They rested for a while. She was deeply touched by this man who worshipped her so unashamedly. It was the most intense sexual experience she had ever had, and she was still basking it its strong afterglow. She loved sitting astride him and dominating him like this, enjoying the power she had over him. She had been strongly attracted to him for some time now, both intellectually and romantically. Now she realized that she was very much in love with him. This was a man whose lusty and kinky sexuality matched her own needs and desires.

"Alice, I love you," he murmured.

"I know you do, honey," she replied, stroking his forehead. "I love you, too - very much."

"Do you know that you pissed in my mouth?"

"I thought I might have done that," she replied matter-of-factly. "Everything was so incredible and so intense I just let it all go. I hope you enjoyed it."

"Alice, It was wonderful! A real treat. I love the taste of your urine. I want you to do it again sometime when you have a really full bladder."

"My, aren't we the kinky one?" she chortled. "And how I love you for it. That was the best ride I have ever had in my entire life. No man has ever worshipped my body or me the way you did tonight, my love. You make me feel very sexy and powerful like a goddess."

"Alice, you are a goddess. You're my goddess. You're absolutely magnificent and I adore you."

"I do enjoy riding you, darling. I love sitting on your face and feeling your body beneath me."

"Alice, You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known. I love feeling your weight pressing down on me. I could lie under you like this all day long."

"Am I heavy?" she inquired. "I'm a pretty big woman."

"Yes, you are."

"And you love it, don't you?"

"Yes," he replied, "I do. I can t begin to tell you how much. You nearly killed me when you bounced on me like that. But it was wonderful. It really turns me on to feel you lovely ass pressing down hard on me. And I love looking up and seeing you sitting so damned pretty. You really are eyeball-candy, Alice. I have always felt that a woman's proper place is on a man."

"You're incredible, lover," she said seductively. "What you did for me tonight was fantastic and I love you for it. I have always wanted a man who would do that for me. I could tell that you really love your work. I love being your special mistress your very own dominatrix. It was great fun for me. But what made it even better was knowing how much you enjoyed it. That made it all the more exciting for me."

"Alice, will you be my lady?" he begged her.

"I already am, darling," she replied, lifting herself off his body. She lay down beside him on the floor and rested her head on his breast

"Alice I love you. You re everything I ever wanted in a woman."

"I know, lover," she purred. "And you re exactly what I want in a man."

"Alice, do you know why I love to go down on a woman? Why I like a woman to sit on me while I do?"

"No, but you're about to tell me."


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into parts for faster page loading.

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