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Alice: A Fantasy
by Meredith Ohney

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He worshipped Alice. She was everything he had ever desired in a woman. Her high, prominent cheekbones, slightly prognathous mouth, strongly chiseled features, and her penetrating, pale blue-gray eyes left him absolutely breathless. Five feet ten inches tall, she weighed about 150 pounds. She had a phenomenal derriere with luscious, well-rounded buns and she possessed the loveliest thighs and calves he had ever seen. Her long legs were full and very shapely. He had always been an ass and leg man. Some might consider her legs a trifle too heavy, but he found them absolutely perfect. He hated skinny legs and especially underdeveloped calves - a major defect of far too many women these days. Her breasts were modest, but perfectly formed, and her luxuriant, light-brown hair cascaded halfway down her elegant back. She was forty years old - nearly thirteen years younger than he. Her even, pearl-colored teeth supported full, sensuous lips, which she frequently revealed in a stunning smile. Even at those times when she appeared almost homely - as all women do occasionally - she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. To him she was an absolute goddess and he worshipped the ground she walked on.

They both taught at a community college in southern Oregon - he in biology and she in English literature. They had become close friends over the course of the semester and had begun to spend a fair amount of time together. They had gone out to dinner on several occasions and attended a few concerts together, and had even engaged in some heavy petting. He was thrilled beyond words that she liked him and seemed to find him attractive. He fantasized about her constantly intensely sensual and erotic fantasies that he desperately longed to fulfill, but dared not share with her out of fear of her rejection of his kinky predilections.

One day he encountered her in the school cafeteria and, as was his wont, joined her. They sat down over coffee and doughnuts and made small talk for several minutes. Eventually the conversation turned to horses. Alice had a quarter horse, which she rode regularly.

His own mother had been one of the best equestriennes in the country. A psychologically constricted woman, she had never been able to provide him with the emotional support he craved and needed, especially after his father, whom he idolized, had fallen in the Korean Conflict when he was only seven. He had resented and envied his mother's horses. She had lavished a great deal of attention on them, grooming and currying them, stroking them, cleaning their stalls, and giving them sugar cubes and carrots. But most of all, she had ridden them. Ever since he was a small child, he had wanted girls - and later women - to sit astride him. It represented the love his remote and undemonstrative mother bestowed upon her horses, but could never give to him.

Alice spoke of the intense pleasure she got from riding.

"Exactly what is it you experience when you ride a horse?" he asked.

Somewhat flustered, she responded that horseback riding was a healthy outdoor activity that blended her and her mount into a unified whole. Dissatisfied with this superficial explanation, he pressed her further. There is a unique rhythm to riding, she said, that is quite unlike anything else she had experienced. It made her feel at one with nature.

"Alice, that s bullshit," he challenged her. "There's something else going on."

Being a very intelligent woman, she knew exactly what point he was making. After some additional prodding, she eventually acknowledged that much of the pleasure was highly sexual and that she really enjoyed dominating something powerful between her legs. She even admitted, with some embarrassment, that she preferred bareback riding because of the erotic sensation of her mount moving beneath her loins.

"Will I do?" he asked her.


"Alice, would you ride me?" His face was crimson with embarrassment and he could not believe he was actually making such a request of her. She looked at him, speechless. "You want me to sit on you?" she asked finally.

"Oh God, yes," he replied. "Alice, I have worshipped you from the moment I first saw you. I would love to be ridden by you. It would give me such pleasure." He desperately hoped he had not completely alienated her.

She regarded him fixedly for a long time, her face completely expressionless. He began to wilt under her steady gaze, feeling like a loathsome insect that had just been uncovered beneath its rock. Then she half closed her eyes and ran her tongue sensuously between her parted lips. Her bosom heaved noticeably as she took a deep breath - and then another. Her eyes gleamed and he suddenly realized that she was actually quite aroused.

"Come to my house this evening after seven o'clock," she said seductively. "I'll ride you and a lot more."

Then she excused herself, noting that she had a class to prepare. She rose from her chair and placed her hand lightly on his forearm. Her electric touch left him almost breathless. She leaned over and kissed him on the top of his head. "It'll be a lot of fun," she whispered, brushing his ear delicately with her lips. Then she left.

He was thunderstruck. Yes! he exulted to himself. It looked as if his favorite fantasy was about to come true.

He rang the doorbell at her house precisely at seven. Presently she opened the door, barefooted and wearing a turquoise-blue bathrobe. God, she's magnificent, he marvelled to himself, sucking in his breath. She regarded him for a long time with her stunning eyes, seeming to see directly into his soul. Then she opened the door and invited him in. He entered, somewhat unsure of himself. It was her house and her turf. And as a woman, she held all the cards in any case. It may be a "man's world," as people are so fond of saying, he thought to himself, but women have always wielded the real power. She looked at him provocatively, her eyes dancing with mischief.

"Take off all your clothes - everything," she demanded. "Then come over here to me."

Slowly he stripped naked, making himself vulnerable to her. He carried a few extra pounds on his belly, but was otherwise in very good shape, and he appeared to be much younger than his fifty-two years. He went to her, enfolded her in his arms and tenderly kissed her forehead, her nose and her incredible eyes. Then he kissed her lightly on the mouth, gently pinching each of her lips between his own and running his tongue delicately over her smooth teeth. His manhood stirred into life and he kissed her passionately, inserting his tongue into her open mouth. His guts churned as she abruptly filled his mouth with her saliva.

"Do that again, please," he begged her.

She grabbed his face in both hands, placed her mouth firmly on his and again thrilled him by spitting directly into his mouth. She followed this with her tongue and the two of them drank deeply of each other for many minutes. Then he nuzzled her thick, luxuriant hair - how he loved her magnificent hair - and kissed her beautiful eyes and exquisite nose. Once again they mingled their lips and tongues and exchanged their saliva.

She opened her robe and he quickly leaned down and kissed her neck and throat. Moving down her now heaving bosom, he lovingly kissed her elegant breasts. He took each of her nipples in turn into his mouth and delicately licked them, relishing the slightly bumpy texture of her dark areolae on his tongue. Her nipples gradually became erect in his mouth and he was thrilled by the realization that he could still arouse a beautiful woman. Then he leaned to each side and inserted his tongue into first one, and then the other of her armpits. She accommodated him by raising her arms to grant him access, and he delightedly filled each enchanting crevice with his tongue.

"Oh, that s wonderful," she murmured, stroking his head tenderly with her free hand as he licked her lavishly under each arm. Her musky, slightly salty taste and her heady fragrance totally enchanted him. He tongued her armpits lovingly, savoring her moist warmth and the faint, prickly sensation of her delicate stubble against his mouth.

"You're starting to tickle me," she laughed, pulling away abruptly.

Then she removed her robe completely and stood before him a picture of stunning elegance and grace. She was wearing only sheer black silk panties. How beautiful she is, he marveled and he went down on his knees before her in utter adoration.

"What a goddess you are," he stammered. "How I worship you."

"Take them off with your teeth," she commanded, her voice husky with desire.

He grasped the top of her panties in his teeth and slowly drew them downward, exposing the lush bush adorning her exquisite mons. Her pubic hair was rather darker than the hair on her head and it tickled his face, nose and lips as he nuzzled and licked it and reverently anointed it with his saliva. He employed his hands to gradually ease her panties down over her phenomenal hips. He remained on his knees in front of her for a long interval with his face buried in her wonderful muff, gently caressing her incredible ass and the backs of her legs.

Then he rose to his feet, moved around behind her, and again knelt down. Gently he kissed and licked the small of her back, then took her panties directly amidships between his teeth and slowly pulled them down over her alabaster buttocks. His mouth and nose followed the deep furrow between her luscious globes and he delighted in the sensation of her cheeks against his own. She bent forwards slightly and thrust herself into his face, inviting him to go farther. His tongue sought, found and delicately probed her dainty, puckered anus, causing her to shiver violently and break out in goose bumps. The delicate tickling her of now slightly roughened skin and its minute, erect hairs on his face completely enchanted him. And she was both highly aroused and at the same time somewhat repelled by the insistent pressure of his tongue against her asshole. She had never before regarded her anus as an erotic object - yet it was she who had just impulsively urged him to kiss her there.

She stood there transfixed and trembling as waves of deep sensuality swept through her body. He pressed his tongue firmly against her budlike anus, running it slowly all over and around it, and his mind reeled at the heady musky scent she emitted from her anal glands. He adoringly caressed the entire length of the deep crease between her buttocks and the inner walls of her lovely globes with his mouth and tongue. He had always wanted to lick a woman's asshole, but had never before had the opportunity. And now here he was, engaged in precisely that with the most magnificent woman he had ever known. Alice kept herself scrupulously clean and he was very grateful for that. He dearly loved licking her there, but he was not into shit.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into parts for faster page loading.

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