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An Apt Pupil
by Leslie

It had taken me almost 8 years to build the clientele base for my massage work. I finally had a steady enough group of 10-12 clients and then a few mixed in from time to time.

Having them so consistent helped me afford to play golf and shop as much as I wanted to during the week. My slow and sensual massages were a big hit with many very well to do Hollywood and Music business types. I thank the Esalen staff for all the classes and workshops that helped me perfect their style all the time.

It had been a particularly busy week. Besides a busier than usual massage schedule, I was also in a 2 day golf tournament and was feeling tight and sort of worn out. I asked Frank if he could massage my neck and shoulders for me. He tried, but even though his hands are strong, he didn't quite know what to do. Frank knew that his attempt did almost nothing to loosen me up and he asked me if I could teach him a little massage technique. I promised that I would.

As the day progressed, that feeling of tightness in my shoulders seemed to spread to the rest of me. My legs, arms and back all seemed to be carrying some stress. I thought about calling a Chiropractor friend of mine, but then I remembered Carla. Carla and I used to trade massages while we were in massage school together. She was a wonderful technician and had an intuitive touch. I last saw her around 6 months ago when she called out of the blue for a massage. She explained that she was getting burned out and it had been months since she allowed herself to unwind while laying on the massage table instead of standing over it.

I gave her a wonderful and caring massage. I spent more than 1/2 an hour on her back alone. She seemed to drift off into sleep, occasionally moaning low and breathing deeply.

When she finally needed to turn over, I skillfully massaged her upper body and legs. She loved the aromatherapy oils I was using and their scent filled her sinuses and caused her to sink deeply into the table. While standing at the head of the table, my strokes from her clavicle down between her breasts and over her rib cage to her stomach caused her to breathe deeply and squirm on the table slightly. I applied more oils to my hands and she sighed heavily as my hands slowly slid down her chest onto her stomach. As my hands began their way back up her body she covered my hands with hers just as they were about to move up and over the beginning of her rib cage. She looked up at me and moved my hands upward and outward slightly until they were covering her breasts. She gently held my hands there and arched upward a bit. Her nipples were hard and I could feel them poking into my palms. I contracted my palms until they were trapped in a tighter grip. She moaned. I began to caress her breasts instead of massaging them. They were wonderfully firm and smooth. I pinched her nipples between the thumb and index fingers of both hands and she moaned loudly.

I snapped myself out of Memory Lane and picked up the phone. "Hello Carla? This is Leslie. Fine and you? Well, I'm kind of in the same boat you were when you called me last time. Stressed a little, stiff. Needing to be pampered for a change. Can you help? Great. How about tomorrow at about 8? Terrific. Bye"

Well, that was easy, I thought to myself. I began to remember the passion that we shared that day. How wonderful her nipples felt in my mouth. How wet she had become. How hard her clit was and how it looked peeking through her pussy lips, and finally how wonderful she tasted when I sucked and licked her to a strong orgasm. MMMM. What an afternoon that turned out to be. Well, now it was her turn to work me over and anything she might want to do to me was fine with me.

The next day, I told Frank that Carla was coming over to give me a massage that evening. He asked me if Carla was the cute brunette with the killer body that I went to massage school with and I confirmed that it was. I thought to myself about how lovely Carla was.

Probably an inch or so shorter than me at about 5'6" and a bit more voluptuous. Even though I was thinner than her with slimmer hips, she was in great shape and we both were around 34 C in the breast department. Frank then asked me an intriguing question. Could he maybe watch a little so he could learn some of the techniques? He said he wanted to be able to just give me a minor massage from time to time to help take some of the stress out of my arms and shoulders. I thought that was so sweet. I told him that I'd ask Carla if that was o.k. He smiled.

When Carla arrived I had just gotten out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around my head and was wearing a cuddly terry cloth robe. I had set the room up with the incense, warmed oils, soft music, mood lights and I even turned on the table warmer quilt. Carla was dressed in some leotards with silk workout shorts and was carrying a small gym bag. She explained that she had just come from a Yoga class and wanted to take a quick shower if that was all right. I asked her about Frank and she smiled and said that would be just fine with her. She excused herself to go off to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I walked into the den and told Frank it was o.k. to watch and he smiled and put his arm around me as we walked back into the massage studio.

We heard the shower running and Carla lightly humming. We looked at each other and smiled. Frank leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. Then we kissed again and he held me tenderly in his arms. Carla broke the silence with, "Hey, you two.....easy does it. I want Leslie to be calm and relaxed, not all "sexed up". We smiled and looked over at Carla. She was now just wearing a cropped t-shirt and the silk shorts. The shirt clung to her still damp breasts and her nipples were clearly outlined through the white top. I gave Frank a slight jab with my elbow because he was staring and his jaw was almost hitting the floor. Carla and Frank just laughed and Frank made some lame statement I can't remember and we laughed again.

Carla asked me to take off my robe and lie on the table face down with my head in the face bow. The face bow is an attachment at the end of the table to rest your face though and allows you to breathe. It is the most comfortable position for being face down and is then removed when the client turns over. Carla then explained to Frank about the warmed oils and the scenting of the oils that had an aromatherapy quality and they helped relax the client. The Carla talked about the Easlen Style of massage, the long and slow strokes, the sensual aspects of the strokes. The pressure, how the friction varied based on how much oils were used. Frank asked a few questions and received thoughtful and clear answers. He seemed very interested and she seemed eager to explain and to teach.

Now Frank.....just watch a bit and feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I could hear Carla applying oils to her hands and rubbing them together briskly to warm her hands. Then I felt her strong and smooth hands as they began to gently cover my back and shoulders with the oils. She massaged the full length of my back and shoulders from her spot at the top of the table. I could see her blue painted toenails by looking down through the face bow. Then she began some of the long and slow strokes we were taught all those years ago. Starting at my shoulder tops and pressing downward. Down the middle of my back until her fingers reached my waist and the gently beginning of the up swell of my buttocks. The up the sides of my back, pulling the skin along with her palms and making the muscles underneath gently move along with her slow and sensual movements. I heard Frank mumble something over the quite Ocean Sounds CD that was playing soft crashing wave sounds. Carla's hands seemed to float over my back like waves of soft and warm ocean water. The touch was so stimulating and yet relaxing.

The pushing and pulling movements of the strokes helped me settle into the shape of the table and allowed my body to relax and my mind to drift.

The sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the aroma therapy oils permeating my senses, the warm table, slow stroking and very soft talking pushed me under and I found myself afloat. I was drifting, sleeping lightly and still feeling every movement of her experienced hands. Then I felt 4 hands on my back. Two of them were soft, smooth, practiced and professional. The others were larger, stronger and loving. Frank was in a sensual mood and it showed in his touch. Then both set of hands were working on my buttocks. The fingers of the hands pointing to the middle of the table, so I knew they were on opposite sides of the table. I looked through the face bow, but I could see nothing but carpet. The hands traces deep circles in the butt and I felt myself gently being moved from side to side as their hands practiced sensually over my skin. Carla's hands left me and only Frank's hands remained. They seemed tentative, but then some added pressure and direction by Carla made their movements more intuitive and somewhat casual. I could feel Carla's fingers overlapping Franks directing his movements on my skin.

Some whispering above the music and then the hands, all four of them, started to work on my legs. It was wonderful. Carla led Frank through the pushing and pulling, the friction moves, the toothpaste squeezing of the upper thigh muscles. All so delicious to me. Being pampered by my husband and a beautiful woman at the same time. More oils were applied by both sets of hands and they began to work on the inner area of my upper thighs. First Carla, showing the way. Then Frank. Then both. One pair of hands gently grazed against my pubic hair very close to my pussy and I squirmed a bit. The hands kept moving. Again a grazing, but this time a little slower and I was beginning to think it had to be Frank. More whispering. One set of hands moved my legs slightly more apart while the others massaged deeply into my inner thighs. A wonderful circular motion. A practiced motion that then moved higher and brushed fully against my vagina. Lingering there....touching....stroking. It was Carla! I could tell by the touch. I swayed into the hands and shifted my hips slightly to accept the pleasure. One set of hands began to massage my butt and the other more brazenly began to stroke the length of my pussy. The fingers toying with the lips and doing some tentative searching and exploring. I began to moan low. I had lost control of my hips and they found themselves dancing to the movements of the hands that started to probe me. Fingers entered me. I started to lift my head to see what was happening, but the pleasure of the moment made that impossible.

I heard Frank whisper in my ear......"please, turn over darling."

I struggled to turn over while Carla removed the face bow from the end of the massage table. She took it and lay in on the table under my head as I leaned back and it cradled my head and neck comfortably. The room was dark and warm. My mind was racing, but in a slow, weird sort of way. Frank was smiling at me. Carla had a pleasant look on her face and then she told me to relax. Close my eyes and enjoy. First I heard the sounds of their hands applying new oils. Then they began to massage my neck, shoulders, chest, stomach and hips. I was warm putty in their hands. Frank was a fast learner because I found it difficult to ascertain whose hands were whose. I opened my eyes slowly as one set of hands left for a brief moment. I saw Carla pulling her top over her head and her beautiful breasts came into view. Then her hands were back and Frank's hands were gone. A rustle of clothing later and I looked up at Frank and he was naked from the waist up.

I let my hand trail over to the edge of the table and felt Franks bare hip. He was naked. My other hand moved and touched skin on the other side. Carla was naked too!

My eyes just rolled back into my head and I let out a deep, moaning breath. Then the hands began to caress. Caress, not massage. Two hands played with my breasts and tweaked the nipples while the others probed my pussy and poked at my clit. I felt a hot warmth on my breasts and I looked up to see Carla sucking at one nipple and then the other. Frank was now breathing more heavily as he fucked me with his long fingers. I arched to meet her mouth and his fingers. Carla continued her sucking and I heard a deep moan from Frank. I lifted my head and watched as Carla's hand began to slowly trace a line along Frank's erection. He was loving it. She was loving it. I was loving it.

Frank moved closer to Carla and then her hands were gone. I felt lips and tongue on my pussy and arched again to accept. Then I heard a faint muffled sound. I leaned up again and saw Frank leaning over me with his head buried in my pussy and at the side of the table was Carla.....her mouth filled with Frank's cock. I kept my head up and watched as she slid back and forth on the erection. The sucking sounds became more pronounced from Frank and Carla. I felt like I was going to cum and began to moan and writhe a bit on the table. Frank made some sounds that made me feel that he was close also.

I reached over and felt Carla's hair and let my hand move back and forth with her head as she sucked on Frank.

Carla reached up and took my hand and pulled it over to her mouth and I was actually feeling Frank going in and out of her. I was so lost in the erotic feeling that my mind was reeling. The Frank let out a groan....It made me react in kind and we both began to spasm into an orgasm. He continued to suck my clit and Carla drained him dry with her mouth.

I was a sweaty lump on the table and was completely drained of energy. Then I felt some pressure on the top of the table and all of a sudden....I felt the tickle of fine hair, a musty and luscious smell and then my mouth was covered by Carla's pussy. I licked it. I tasted it. It was hot and wet. I found her clit and pulled at it gently with my teeth. I let my tongue dart in and out....trying to fuck her with my tongue. Then I felt Frank's penis pushing at my pussy. I reached down and held it open for him as he twisted me partially sideways on the table. He entered me. He felt so big and so hot. He began a rhythmic onslaught on me. He was pounding me deeply and I let out a moan that got lost in Carla's persistent pussy. I was being royally fucked and I was sucking a sweet and hot pussy at the same time. Frank began to shudder and his pace picked up. He began to cum again and Carla's pussy was dripped juice down onto my face. I sucked and licked for all I was worth. Carla was moaning, I was moaning, Frank was moaning. God! So sweet!

We were all completely spent. Jack and Carla disengaged themselves from me and were both lying on the floor, alternately gasping for air and lightly laughing. I tuned onto my side and felt Jack's cum slide out of my pussy and down my leg. I looked down at them through partially opened eyes and!

After about 10 minutes of calming down and a few nervous laughs, we all went into the shower together and took turns cleaning each other off. Soap and hands everywhere. It was a nice and friendly atmosphere. We joked a bit as we all cleaned up the massage studio and dressed. Frank seemed a little embarrassed by it all, but I kissed him and told him that everything was wonderful. Carla and I kissed and her tongue darted out against my lip. I smiled at her. She had a devilish look in her eye.

* * * * *

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