The Best Erotic Stories.

After Bath
by Melody Lane

As the water begins to chill, we emerge from the bath, and drape ourselves in warm soft towels. You go into the bedroom, and I head for the kitchen to get something mouth watering. (as if I weren't enough.. *S*) Perhaps strawberries, and whipped cream. Or cherries, so that I can tantalize, tying the stems with my talented tongue. Never one to make a choice, I decide on both, and quickly return to you. I join you, laying on the bed, and offer a ripe smelling fruit to your mouth.

Your mouth opens and receives the berry, followed by a tender kiss, sharing in the sweet taste. We continue to feed and kiss, one another, until we are content and relaxed. Putting the fruit aside, I begin to slowly caress your torso. Seeing how you are built, learning every line, feeling every muscle. My head on you shoulder, as my fingertips lightly explore the surface as your body. When my hand reaches the top of wear your towel is wrapped, I teasingly (of course) trace the outline of your waist. While I loosen the towel, I turn my head toward you and gently kiss the lobe of your ear, and then down to your neck and shoulder.

Meanwhile my clever little hand has managed to free your lower half, and has returned to caressing your chest. My kisses continue to stream down your body, tender little pecks, moving down past your shoulders, meeting my, both my hands at your chest. Your hands massage on my shoulders, and twirl in my hair. I slide my hand back down, and rub your inner thighs, in between which, my towel-covered body is now positioning. My warm soft hand then carefully wraps around the shaft of your semi-hard cock. Slowly rubbing, while I kiss around your waist. (Anticipation really is everything. *S*)

As I feel you being further aroused by the movement of my hand, I bring my thumb to the tip of your cock. I rub gently, circling the pre-cum, watching it glisten in the soft light of the room. I then move my tongue to the tip of your cock. I flick my wet little tongue around, then blow on the head. I lick the length of your long shaft, paying special attention to the sensitive underside, (I aim to please) and arrive back at the head, gently pressing at the tip, before placing it into my warm, welcoming mouth. My tongue swirls around, my saliva getting you nicely slicked and warm. I slip you out, and gently blow again. Then replace my mouth, wrapping my lips tightly around your thickness, as I tenderly begin to suck. One hand still moving on the length of your shaft, another caressing your balls, as I focus my main attention on the head of your ever-growing cock.

Your hand placed sweetly on the back of my head, slowly guiding it down on you. My head steadily bobbing up and down, each time taking in a little more, and gradually increasing my rhythm. I take a glance up, looking intently at you, seeing your head leaning back, your eyes closed, your mouth letting out faint moans of pleasure. All of this very arousing to me, my cunt hot and wet. My hand drifts down my body, first twisting my nipples, then moving further down, to play with myself, as I build you up.

I feel your cock thickening in my mouth, throbbing and dripping with precum. Your hips begin to thrust upward pushing deeper in my mouth. Your hands grip my head, holding still, your cock deep in my mouth, as I feel you begin to erupt. Your cum, hot, and splashing the back of my throat, as I eagerly take it all in. After you finish, and your hand loosen, licking you shaft clean, with my tongue, and again feel it begin to grow.

The end... for now. *S*

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