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A Blowjob Contest
by Larry Taylor

My wife Carol and I have been swingers for about five years. We were initiated by couples we met through swinger magazines and were eventually introduced to the club scene. We now belong to a popular swinger club where we attend parties a couple of times a month. The club's owners frequently arrange special events to boost attendance. For example, the club newsletter announced recently that a blow-job contest was in the works. The plan was to have several of the wives compete to see who could suck off the most men. Volunteers would win a free one-year membership for themselves and their husbands, and the lucky winner would be rewarded with a five year membership.

Carol is very skillful at the fine art of giving head, so I suggested that she volunteer for the contest. After thinking it over for no more than ten seconds, she said, "Count me in." She and three other women signed up for the contest. As Carol's "blowjob coach", I got a blowjob every day for the two weeks leading up to the contest. To measure her progress, each blowjob was timed. I didn't think it was possible for her to get any better at giving head, but, under my tutelage, she sucked me off faster with each passing day. She also mastered a few new techniques, including deep-throat.

The big day arrived and we showed up at the club early. To my surprise the parking lot was already full. Word of the blowjob contest had spread like wildfire and many of the husbands wanted to be first in line. The bare-breasted receptionist informed us that because Carol was participating in the contest, our admission fee was waived, and that if I wanted a blowjob, I would have to take a number from the dispenser just like everyone else. Carol pulled my ticket and grinned when she told me that ninety guys would get their blowjobs ahead of me.

The club was already crowded with couples in various stages of dress, some naked and others with towels wrapped around their bodies. The contest was to be held in the main lounge rather than in the party rooms in the back. We made our way through the crowd to the bar, where we fortified ourselves with a couple of stiff drinks from our private bottle. As more people arrived, I nudged my lovely wife and said, "Looks like you are going to have plenty of dicks to suck tonight." My heart was pounding with excitement.

We made our way to the locker room to shed our clothes, then, clad in garter belt with nylons and a towel wrapped around her shapely body, Carol went to the office to join the other contestants. Back at the bar, I tried to put an end to the last of my inhibitions with another shot of vodka then made my way to a booth close to the stage and asked the sexy couple seated there if I could join them. "Sure, there's plenty of room," they said.

Candy, the sexy co-owner of the club, was greeted by whistles and applause as she came on stage. After telling a few raunchy jokes, she explained the contest rules. She called our attention to the four pillows that had been placed on the stage for the contestants to kneel on, and explained that the women would be in profile to the audience so we could see everything. Four microphones had been set up at waist height next to the pillows to pick up the wet sounds of four mouths munching on four cocks. We were told that we would not get to choose our cocksucker but would have to take the next one available when our number came up. Each cocksucker would be assigned a female judge who would keep score. The judge could disqualify a participant if he couldn't get a hard-on or couldn't cum within five minutes. In order for the blowjob to count, the entire load had to be shot into the cocksucker's mouth. It was then to be spit into a champagne glass. At the end of the contest, a consolation prize would be awarded to the contestant who had the fullest glass. The final rule was that no "cheater fist" would be allowed. The job had to be done entirely with the mouth. As for the men, hair-pulling or any other contact would not be permitted. "There are two-hundred and fifty of you horny guys out there waiting for a blowjob, so let's get on with it!" Candy exclaimed. "And don't hold it back. The best way to thank her for the blowjob is to help her win by cumming quick!" That must have been good news to the premature ejaculators.

Two-hundred and fifty divided by four meant that my wife would probably suck around sixty dicks during the contest. My heart thudded with excitement. One of my favorite things is to sit back and jack off while watching Carol blow somebody. Watching her suck one guy is a thrill, so imagine how excited I was at the prospect of watching her do sixty in a row. Candy called the women out on stage. A cheer went up when my lovely Carol came out in high heels, garter belt and nylons. As one of the most beautiful women in the club, she is always in demand. Big round tits, long legs, and a smooth ass without the slightest hint of cellulite all topped off with an insatiable appetite for sex. The other three contestants followed, each greeted with cheers and whistles. Four very pretty ladies dropping to their knees is enough to give any man a hard-on.

My neighbor shed his towel to expose an impressive hard-on. His pretty wife winked at me as she stroked it up and down. "I have a free hand," she said, patting the seat next to her. I slid closer and flipped my towel aside. Her husband winked at me as his wife's soft, cool hand teased my inflamed cock. They introduced themselves as Linda and Paul.

The first ten men compared numbers and took their places in line. "Go for it!" Candy shouted. The first four men, all sporting hard-ons, rushed forward. Number one popped his thick cock into my wife's open mouth. I don't think she even looked up at his face as she started gnawing on that dick as though her life depended on it. The club PA system was cranked up to maximum volume and the sound of four wet, sloppy blowjobs filled the club. It was the perfect accompaniment to the spectacle. My wife's man didn't even last a minute and everyone heard her choke as his load blasted into her mouth. A cheer went up as he rose to his tip-toes, shuddered from head to toe, and moaned ecstatically. Carol drained every drop of his essence. Another cheer went up as she spit the milky load into her glass. She had a head start on the other contestants.

The women all had a beverage beside them. Carol had a tumbler of vodka. After each man, she took a little sip. "Excuse me," my neighbor said, as he left to take his place in line. "He wants that slut on the left," Linda said. "I can tell she loves to suck cock. She's way ahead of the others already. My bet is on her." Her hand felt wonderful on my cock, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. "She's been lucky," I replied. "Had a couple of premature ejaculators. Oh, and by the way, that's my wife." She giggled and continued to twirl my baton. "Maybe we can get together after the contest," she suggested. "I would like that very much," I said. I pulled off her towel and squeezed her big, soft breast. Her husband got his wish and I watched as he slipped his large, richly-veined cock between my wife's frothy lips. I nearly came at that point and had to remove my friendly neighbor's hand from my cock or risk filling it with spunk. "I'll do you right here and now," she offered. "I bet I can suck your dick as good as she can." The idea of having her blow me while my wife blew her husband was appealing, but I asked her for a raincheck. "Saving myself for the contest," I stammered. I fondled her pussy as we watched her husband fill my wife's mouth with jism.

"How was she?" Linda asked as her husband returned.

"Fantastic. I thought I would never stop cumming." He noticed that I was finger-fucking his wife and gave me a wink.

"She's his wife," she said, with a nod in my direction.

"Well, I guess you owe him a blowjob, then," he said with a chuckle. By the time I got up to take my place in line, my wife had already sucked off thirty guys, giving her a commanding lead. She is truly a virtuoso at playing a meat-whistle. I watched in awe as she sucked a cock so large that it was a challenge just to get the head in her mouth. I taught her that the way to make a man cum quick is to concentrate on the bundles of nerves just behind the head, and that's how she was working him. Her head bobbed rapidly as her lips caressed the ultra-sensitive area at the throat of his cock. Lightheaded with excitement, I reached the head of the line. I didn't know which cocksucker to cheer for. I could have my wife anytime. On the other hand, I had never had her after so many guys had been there ahead of me. My wife's lead increased as her man shot so much cum into her mouth that her cheeks bulged.

The irony of it! I was in a wife-swapping club with more than two hundred women available and I was going to have sex with my own wife! As I approached her, she was spitting the last load into the glass, which was filling rapidly. Her red, smeared lips were shiny with cum. I slid my aching cock between them. Her mouth, lined with thirty layers of spunk, had never been so slippery. I don't think she even realized it was me until I shot my load. "Going to help you win, Baby," I growled, as I ejaculated prematurely. Only then did she look up at me and wink. When I was finished, she spit the load into the glass, which was half full. The judge made another tally mark on her clipboard.

On rubbery legs, I rejoined my new friends Linda and Paul. "Well, you didn't last long," Linda said with a laugh. "That handjob you gave me had me right on the edge," I answered. Linda motioned me towards them and went to her knees between my legs. "You had a good blowjob, but now you are going to get a great one," she said, and with that she sucked my limp dick into her mouth. Paul, who was obviously as much of a voyeur as I am, watched with a broad grin on his handsome face. He asked if he could fuck my wife after the contest. With his cute wife sucking hard on my dick I could hardly say no. And was she ever fantastic! As good, or better, than my wife.

While Linda sucked some life back into my cock, I watched the spectacle on stage. Of the four men getting blowjobs, at least one was cumming at all times, and, at one point, all four were cumming at the same time. The contest was moving along much more quickly than I expected. The number of premature ejaculators increased with the passage of time. No doubt they were over-excited from watching and playing with their cocks. One of the women, green around the gills, dropped out after finishing off thirty guys. "That just means more dicks for your wife to suck," Linda joked. Finally, the last three men were on stage. Linda had restored my hard-on to its full glory, and now she returned to her seat to watch the grand finale.

A cheer went up as each of the last group of men succumbed to the pleasure of a perfect blowjob. My wife finished her man off last, and as she rose to her feet with a mischievous smile on her cum-sucking lips, the audience gave her a standing ovation. She won by sucking off seventy-one guys - an incredible feat by any standard! Candy studied the cum-glasses and declared my wife the winner in the quantity contest, as well. It was a clean sweep.

Carol was obviously feeling the effects of the vodka by then and did something that she probably wouldn't have done if she had been sober. After Candy presented her with her trophy, Carol poured the last of her vodka into her cum-glass, stirred it with her finger, and raised the glass in a toast. "Here's to all the guys I sucked off," she said, and then she gulped down the cocktail. She picked up two of the other glasses and slowly and carefully poured the creamy, white fluid over her big, round tits. She poured the last glass onto her belly to run down over her pussy. The audience rose to their feet and gave her a standing ovation.

The usual orgy in the party rooms followed the contest. Paul and I fucked each other's wives side by side while other men impatiently waited their turns. Carol was very much in demand. Some of the men who had arrived too late to be included in the contest wanted to find out if Carol deserved the title of "Blowjob Queen". She convinced a half a dozen of them before we called it a night. The contest was such a success that the owners are planning another one. Carol and I hope they do. She wants to try to break her old record!


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