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A Beach Encounter
by Courtesan

It was a hot, lazy day so my friend Linda and I decide to go to the beach. When I am walking in I immediately notice you, I look you directly in the eyes and give you a little knowing smile. You are very obvious in checking me out and then smile back. Throughout the afternoon, we continue to flirt but never approach the other one.

Finally it is time to leave, so I go to the shower booth to wash up before leaving. My back is turned to the door as I am reaching up to rinse my hair. I suddenly feel a presence behind me. I somehow know it is you. I should scream but before I can react, I feel a tug on my swimsuit top and it is fluttering to floor. You are nuzzling the back of my neck and reaching around to fondle my breasts. All thoughts of screaming are gone. I lean back into you with a slight moan. With one hand I reach behind you to feel that ass I had been admiring.

Apparently you have already removed your swimsuit, because I come in contact with your soft skin and I can feel your erect penis poking into my back. We stand there feeling each other's bodies while the water from the shower washes over us. We are so hot the water is steaming off us. You then start nuzzling down my back while your slightly calloused, strong hands are sliding down my stomach. You run your thumbs under the edge of my swimsuit bottom. I shudder as you move to side of my suit. Then you begin to tug them off. Instead of letting them fall you pull them all the way down, while I step out of them.

You begin to kiss the back of my legs while kneading the front. You continue this up my body as you begin to stand. Soon you are again nuzzling my neck and fondling my tits. I have my arms stretched out to the sides of the stall. This is only thing keeping me standing. You move your hands to the insides of my thighs. Your thumbs are moving in a circular motion and slightly parting my legs. You move up my thighs so that now your thumbs are moving over my mound. Your fingers part the lips and you place your index fingers on my clitoris. Now you move your index fingers in the same circular motion as your thumbs. You can feel the warmth and wetness of my pussy. You push both your middle fingers in my vagina. Moving up and down in rhythm with the circular motion of your index fingers and thumbs. I tighten my inner walls around your fingers in my first orgasm. You can feel the juice run over your hands while my insides are spasming.

You let me catch my breath a minute before spinning me around to finally face you. I smile broadly, I was right. You lean forward and lightly bite my lower lip and then give me the most passionate, deep kiss I have ever had. You part my lips with your tongue and start to explore the inside of my mouth. I lightly run my teeth over it and suck on it. I move away from your mouth to your ear. I nibble and lick the outside of your ear while softly purring. I, then, kiss and lick down your neck and chest to one of your nipples. I flick it with my tongue until it is standing erect. I then suck it while running quick light butterfly licks over the top. My hand is lightly pinching and twisting your other nipple. I then switch nipples. Now I start to lick and nibble down to your stomach while I sink to my knees. You lean back against the door of the stall while I lick your navel and nibble around it. You put your hands on shoulders and push me down slightly. I look up at you and smile. I then take your manhood in both hands. I take the top in my mouth licking the trickle off while moving my hands up and down twisting away from each other at the same time.

I then kiss and nibble down your shaft to the base while my hands move back to fondle your ass. I lift one of your balls with my tongue and suck lightly at first and then harder. I then move to the other licking it like a cat. I then give one long, wet lick up the front of your shaft. I hesitate at the top with my mouth wide open I blow warm breath over your erect cock. I then hungrily swallow your cock using my tongue as a guide. I suck very hard and then let up enough to move back up to the tip. I lick the top and then start moving up and down faster and faster. Sucking on the way up and blowing on the way down. You are thrusting in rhythm with me. You suddenly stop and push me away. You are too close to exploding. I stand as you catch your breath.

You suddenly spin me around and kick my legs apart. You plunge your cock in me with such force that my upper body is completely pushed against the wall and I explode in another orgasm. I then wriggle my butt into you wanting to feel like I am inside of you. You reach up and pinch and caress my erect nipples while we begin to thrust back and forth into each faster and faster. Again before we can climax, you pull away.

You turn me around and lean forward to take one of my nipples in your mouth. You start sucking, biting and licking it while your hand rolls the other one between your index and middle fingers and tugging on it. You are also pinching and twisting it. Not too hard! I am kissing your forehead and top of your head frantically. You finally let go and move your hands down to lift me up while I wrap my legs around you. My tight pussy encloses you and it feels like your cock is pushed up to my heart. With three hard and fast thrusts we both explode in climax. I can see fireworks in my head. We both are screaming in ecstasy. Slowly you lower me back down while you are still inside me. My inner walls are still throbbing in orgasm holding you and your semen in me.

We just stand there panting for awhile. You put your hand on the side of face and I lean into it. You lift my face smile and we kiss tenderly finally pulling out of me. You get dressed while I lean back and watch. I expect you to leave but you lean back and wait while I get dressed. Then you lean over and whisper. "Same time next week?" I smile and nod yes. We turn and leave, still not knowing each other's names.


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