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A Chance Encounter
by Dave HTT

Crouched in the bushes, Dave carefully scanned the area. He could see no sign of life, other than himself and the occasional passing squirrel. It seemed safe, and there was no reason why it shouldn't have been - he'd been here many times before. He glanced at his wristwatch, not long to go now. His mind wandered back to the first time he'd discovered this place.

It had been pure chance, just luck that he happened on the site, the one occasion when a lost golf ball turned out to be fortuitous. He'd known, from the moment he'd hit it, that the ball was veering wildly in its flight - and in the gathering gloom that day he'd only a vague idea of where it landed. Golf balls cost money, so he'd gone to look for it - delving ever further into the undergrowth. A light had caught his attention and he peered through the undergrowth to investigate. What he saw rooted him to the spot, almost unable to breathe.

Before his eyes, a young couple had lain beside a swimming pool in a passionate embrace - bathed in the glow of a pool of light from within the house. He had started to withdraw, and stepped on a twig that cracked loudly in the silence. The girls head lifted, listening, disturbed by the noise. Her companion had spoken, "Don't worry, its probably just an animal. There's no one around at this time of night, you can't play golf in the dark!" The girl had relaxed, and the couple had continued their canoodling.

Dave hadn't dared to move in case he stepped on another twig, he didn't want to be accused of being a peeping tom! Hardly daring to breathe, his eyes had refused to leave the couple as they removed the swimming costumes they'd been wearing. Embarrassedly Dave had realised that he was reacting to what he was seeing, and there had been was a bulge in the front of his trousers! It had been two years since Sally had died, two long years with no sexual relief at all during that time. He'd always hoped and dreamed of finding love again, but was realistic enough to realise that he had no real chance of fulfilling those aspirations. He wasn't the type that women wanted and that was that.

So there he had been, watching someone else perform the act he missed so much - and worse still he had reacted to it. He couldn't escape in case he made a sound, all he could do was watch. His hand had moved to his crotch, easing his discomfort, moving his erection to a more comfortable position. He'd left his hand there, holding himself, feeling a throbbing pulse - eyes glued to the scene enacted before him.

Eventually the couple had finished their lovemaking and gone inside the house, allowing Dave the chance to get away. He'd almost run all the way back to the car-park, threw his golf clubs into the car and raced home. Almost the first thing he did was take a cold shower, before settling into his usual nightly routine of drinks in front of a flickering television screen. He couldn't concentrate on the programmes that night, he couldn't get the scene he's witnessed out of his head.

Later that night, for the first time since being a teenager, Dave had masturbated. The relief, and release of emotion, had been almost more than he could bear. Guiltily he'd cleaned up the mess he'd made, he had felt disgusted with himself. The next night though, as he'd been preparing for bed, he'd found himself with another erection. Somehow, as hard as he'd tried, he couldn't achieve orgasm on that occasion - he just kept going limp.

For the rest of that week his work had suffered, he hadn't been able to concentrate on anything for long enough to complete it properly. He had also suffered unwanted erections at the merest passing memory of that Sunday evening on the golf course, but they hadn't lasted long enough for him to gain any relief. Somehow he managed to get through to Friday, though even now he couldn't remember any details of the rest of that week.

Saturday had dawned, and he'd followed his usual routine of shopping and household chores. Saturday evening had found him somewhat disturbed, he always played golf on Sunday afternoon, he hadn't been able to decide if he could face returning to the course again. Being a creature of habit had decided his fate, he had always played golf on Sunday, and his routine didn't allow for change.

That day he had played his round with the knowledge in his head that he would return to that same spot in the undergrowth, in fact his excitement had caused what was his worst ever round of golf. He had also not worn his usual brightly coloured outfit, but had chosen instead drab colours - an intentional effort at camouflage. He'd played his round very slowly that day, carefully timing his play to time his arrival at the thirteenth tee with the onset of dusk. At last he had stood on the tee at the thirteenth, aiming his shot wildly left and exhaling with relief when his ball had disappeared into the undergrowth.

He hadn't made any effort at locating his ball, instead he had gone directly to stand in the same spot as he'd occupied the previous week. The couple had been there, but they hadn't indulged in any loveplay that evening. However, as soon as he'd caught sight of the girl he had experienced an erection. Almost without realising that he was doing it, he had unzipped his trousers and masturbated - his ejaculation spurting onto the leaves of a nearby bush.

The die had been cast, and he'd been a regular Sunday evening visitor to that same spot for well over a year. Twice more he'd seen the couple make love, but mostly he just masturbated while watching the girl - either in the garden or through the patio door. Somehow the uncertainty of what he would witness enhanced his anticipation.

Today he waited expectantly for what would unfold before his eyes, barely daring to hope that the couple would actually make love. Craning his neck he scanned the garden, a glass lay beside a sun-lounger - evidence that at least one of the pair was around. The man, who Dave - for no particular reason - thought of as Martin came out through the patio doors and walked across to the sun-lounger. He, Martin, perched on the edge and leaned forward. Were they kissing?

Martin and Amanda (as Dave had named her) both stood and walked to the pool, kissed briefly, and dived into the water. Dave heard laughter and splashing. Amanda's head appeared at the edge of the pool, as she deposited something on the side. 'Her top', exulted Dave in his mind, 'she's taken her top off!' Dave felt his erection grow and harden, he unzipped and took his penis out - seeing the head bulbous and purple. More splashing and laughter followed, then a prolonged period of silence. 'Oh no', Dave thought to himself, 'they're doing it in the water.'

Disappointment etched into his brain, he'd been so certain that this evening would be one of those 'special' times. His erection waned - so near and yet so far. As he tucked his penis back inside his trousers, his ears detected a noise. Concentrating he listened harder, and heard a scuffling noise. He crouched, had Martin and Amanda heard something - had they come to investigate? A bush to his left moved, it couldn't be wind - not in here! Dave froze, completely still - hardly daring to breathe. A dark shadow moved briefly across his line of vision and stopped on the other side of the bush. Dave's heart was thumping in his chest. All went quiet once again, and Dave became aware of the sounds from the pool once more. It wasn't Martin or Amanda! Very carefully and slowly, Dave moved a branch to peer through to the other side of the bush. A figure stood there watching the house. Dave looked back at the pool, Martin and Amanda had emerged from the water and were kissing. Dave cursed. Dragging his eyes away he peered back through the bush. As his eyes accustomed themselves to the gloom, after the light of the pool area he could see the figure better. Whoever it was, was standing, and he could see legs beneath a skirt! More than that, he could see that the skirt was now being pulled up to bunch around a waist and a hand was being slipped between the legs that were now uncovered.

Dave glanced away, back to the pool. Amanda's bikini bottom was now hanging around her knees and Martin was kneeling in front of her. Dave thought quickly, he was obviously in no danger of being discovered, it was just someone else indulging in the same vicarious pleasure as himself. Deciding, he let go of the branch and stood up. He took his penis from his trousers, freezing momentarily as he heard a slight rustle.

His attention was on the poolside action, Martin stood now while Amanda knelt. Slowly Dave started to masturbate. Amanda stood and walked over to the sun-lounger. Leaning forward she placed her hands on its back and wiggled her behind at Martin. Martin joined her and Dave could tell that she was being entered from behind. Dave's hand movement speeded up a fraction, he couldn't see too much - but he was aware of Amanda's breasts swinging gently to and fro in rhythm with Martin's movements. This WAS a special night.

Dave heard another sound from the bush, but couldn't take his eyes off the action or stop what he was doing. More rustling, and the bush was moving! Dave stopped his masturbation, paused and tense. The figure from the other side of the bush appeared before him, looking down at the penis in his hand. The figure pulled its skirt up again, then pulled open its knickers, took hold of Dave's hand and placed it inside. Dave was dumbstruck, and it was a moment before he gathered his senses. His penis was being gently manipulated by the stranger. Calming down, Dave investigated the interior of the knickers - his fingers found a bush of hair and a moist cunt. He needed no further thought, he slipped a finger inside and heard a whispered gasp from before him.

The newcomer moved, pulling Dave's hand away. She stood beside him, then took his hand and placed it in her knickers once again and took hold of his cock once more. Dave puzzled, then realised that 'she' could now see Martin and Amanda screwing. Dave's finger busied itself, and he could hear 'her' breathing quickening. Once again 'she' moved. Now she moved in front of him with her back to him, slowly inching backwards. Dave felt his cock touch bare flesh, then 'she' wriggled and something dropped to the ground. A hand moved round to hold Dave's cock, then another hand gripped one of his and pulled it to where is had been before. The hand holding his cock let go, then that hand grasped his other arm and pulled it round so that his hand came into contact with a naked breast. The hand then returned to his cock.

Dave couldn't believe it, he had his finger in a pussy, a handful of pliable breast and he was being gently wanked. He leaned forward and kissed a shoulder softly, her head came back to nuzzle against his. A sound from the pool grabbed both their attention, Amanda squealed in delight and Martin sagged against her. They kissed and walked towards the house. Dave felt the body in front of him lean away, causing him to lose contact with both breast and pussy, then his cock was pulled forward. He felt the tip brush against flesh, then he felt himself surrounded by warmth and wetness. He half stumbled as he realised what was happening. Bracing his legs he placed his hands on the hips before him and started to drive his cock in and out of the pussy it now occupied.

Slowly at first, he fucked 'her'. Then the backwards thrust of her ass grew more insistent, so he speeded up - thrusting violently, driving deeper. It couldn't go on too long, not like that - and with one final thrust Dave exploded his come into the eager pussy enveloping him. His body sagged, spent. Dave felt a pang of guilt, he hadn't had any evidence that she' had reached her climax. He felt his cock soften and slip out of its abandoned hole. 'She' took his hand and pulled him to the ground, stretching him out to his full length. Her mouth enveloped his limp cock as her legs moved to straddle his head. Knees scraped on the ground beside him as he felt her body move lower, until her pussy came into contact with his face.

Dave moved his head, searching for the opening he'd momentarily vacated. He found it and applied his tongue, tasting his own come as it dribbled out of her. His mouth enclosed the whole of her pussy, as if in a lingering french kiss - his lips glued to her pussy lips, while his tongue probed and flicked. Her ministrations had caused his cock to become fully erect again, and he felt his foreskin being gently moved back by her teeth, her hands gently manipulating his balls. Searching with his tongue he found her clitoris and gently nibbled it with his teeth, she bucked above him and pulled away. She turned round to face him, holding his cock in her hand - her legs moved to straddle his cock , and she gently lowered herself on its length.

Sliding up and down, she bucked and reared before his eyes - an erotic silhouette. Dave wished she was taller, so that she could lean forward and feed one of her full breasts into his mouth. Feeling bolder, Dave reached out his hands and grasped a breast in each. She moaned with pleasure, becoming more and more excited, her movements quickening, becoming frantic. Dave rolled a nipple between the finger and thumbs of each hand, applying gentle pressure to pinch the erect tips. With a loud groan, she collapsed along his length. Dave could feel her body quivering against his own. Her face appeared before his, her eyes looking into his eyes - they were smiling. Dave felt his cock, now limp again, slide from her cunt to rest wetly against his own thigh.

Tenderly she kissed his lips, then moving her head to rest alongside his, she whispered a single sound into his ear - "Thanks."

"My pleasure." Dave replied, gently stroking the subtle curves of her behind.

Without warning the bushes parted, startling them both. Dave looked up in alarm, only to find Amanda and Martin looking down at them.


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